We’re Styling Our Apartments After This Soho Store

We’re Styling Our Apartments After This Soho Store

Down to the custom-upholstered pink velvet Milo Baughman seating.

Julia Robbs

Remember when, as a teenager, you’d fantasize about opening a store with your best friend? You’d dream about all the cool things you’d sell, what it would look like, who would shop there, and how great it would be to go to work every day and hang with your best buddy?

Now imagine that becoming reality, except your best friend actually shares your same first and last name, you’re married to two brothers, and between the two of you, you have eight (!!!) gorgeous children. Oh, and the store has two Manhattan locations and carries perfect Americana-inspired staples. Such is life for Veronica Swanson Beard and Veronica Miele Beard—the sisters-in-law, pals, and business partners behind Veronica Beard.

Their line of perfect everyday jackets (with genius interchangeable dickeys), easy, sexy dresses, and slim trousers has a new home in their SoHo location at 78 Greene Street, which officially opens tomorrow. To celebrate, we got a tour of the new digs straight from the Veronicas themselves.

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“I call this the birth canal. When we first moved in, it was like the birth canal into this room. My favorite spot though is back by the ‘I Want It All’ sign because my version of ‘all’ is different from your version and different than Veronica’s version, and it is just an amazing, powerful way to think that you can have it all. That differs from person to person, but you should be able to have whatever your ‘all’ is and go after it. For us, this was part of that ‘all.’” —VSB
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