This Romantic Downtown Loft Is the Perfect Blend of Minimalist and Maximalist

This Romantic Downtown Loft Is the Perfect Blend of Minimalist and Maximalist

Elizabeth Baudouin and Natalie Shirinian make the perfect couple.

Alec Kugler

We’ve met a lot of creative power couples in our day, but even amongst that excellent company, Elizabeth Baudouin and Natalie Shirinian stand out. Between the two of them, they’re a filmmaker, author, and they run NES Creative, a creative services agency for top talent in art, design, and culture (you might recognize their client—and all the lighting in their apartment—from this feature with Apparatus), and that creativity shows in their Tribeca loft.

With dark, moody walls, rose-print wallpaper, brass and marble accents, and an insanely cute Japanese Chin named Toni Deville (her Instagram is @thedevillewearsprada), the space is capital-R Romantic. It’s also incredibly comfortable and warm—much like its inhabitants.

After munching on popcorn and pastries and spending a lot of time taking snaps of Toni (BTW, Japanese Chins were bred to live in a kimono sleeve, and if that doesn’t make you believe in miracles, we don’t know what will), we were ready to start planning BFF tattoos with the couple.

Click through to read all about how they met, how they blend their design sensibilities, and how they plan on spending Valentine’s Day.

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“We met kinda by accident. We were at a party once together but I don’t think we really talked all that much. I knew about Natalie a little bit but we met because [of] our friend who is an editor for a magazine out in L.A. and Natalie was writing for them and so was I. We had a coffee date that just overlapped. The thing was Natalie was in a relationship for a long time when I met her. I was coming out of something too, so it was kinda off-limits. But when she sat down I was like, ‘I can’t... Who is this?! What’s happening?!’ At the end of it I followed my friend into a thrift store, and I was like, ‘Don’t put me in the room with that woman again, it’s mean, it’s rude. I can’t handle it! It’s just torture.’ [laughs] And two months later, I was reading in bed on a Sunday night and my friend texts me like, ‘Natalie and her girlfriend broke up she wants to hang out like a group thing.’ I was like ‘Make it happen let’s do this.’ It never happens. A month later I get an email from Natalie that is like, ‘Hey this is Natalie do you want to hang out? My number is below.’ I was like, ‘My number is below?! I died.’ [laughs] I just texted her and we started texting and we met for coffee and that was that.” —EB
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