Inside Lifestyle Blogger Sazan’s Chic California Home Makeover

Inside Lifestyle Blogger Sazan’s Chic California Home Makeover

We want Z Gallerie to design our next apartment ASAP.

Jessica Alexander

Is there anything more satisfying than moving into a brand-new space with all the potential in the world? The decorating possibilities are seemingly endless. But for even the most aesthetically minded among us, it can be pretty overwhelming to start designing from scratch. That’s where Sazan Hendrix, of her eponymous lifestyle blog, Sazan, found herself after she and her husband moved into their new home in Glendale, California. As first-time home buyers (and now expectant parents!) they wanted to create a style-driven atmosphere mixed with a more traditional look that evoked both of their Texas roots, but were unsure of where to begin. Cue Z Gallerie, the California-based design gallery that was more than up to the task of delivering their chic coastal makeover, while maintaining a cozy, welcoming vibe that is perfect for the parents-to-be.

Check out the photos below for a peek inside Sazan and her husband’s incredible home, designed by Shana Wardle for Z Gallerie.

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“Stevie [my husband] loves [the design process] probably more than I do. It stresses me out, to be honest. I just want to walk into my home and have it already be done. He’s the type of person that enjoys the process and learning about different things. It’s incredible that he has been so hands-on, because I’m so busy. He really has stepped up to the plate.”
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