Why New York’s Newest Hangout Might Give You Flashbacks to High School

Why New York’s Newest Hangout Might Give You Flashbacks to High School

Hint: it was inspired by a grandma’s basement.

Alec Kugler

“We wanted everything to be a little tongue-in-cheek,” says Ronnie Flynn of The Flower Shop, a newly opened restaurant and bar in Chinatown, “and not take anything too seriously.” Actually, “newly opened” is a bit of an exaggeration. Today is their first day in business!

Alongside partners Dylan Hales, William Tisch, and Dave Turner, Flynn went for all-out nostalgia with the decor at the Modern Americana restaurant/bar, achieving a layered, convincingly multi-generational interior that pays homage to all four’s favorite haunts from Montauk to Manly, via New York and Los Angeles.

With its wood-paneled walls, floral banquettes, copious tchotchkes, and everything from so-bad-it’s-good art to Bad-era Michael Jackson adorning the walls, The Flower Shop is a place you want to go right at 5 PM, before everyone else gets there, just to take it all in. Read on as Flynn and Hales talk us through the evolving ideas of the bi-level downtown space.

Flower Shop is located at 107 Eldridge Street, and you can find more information (and make reservations!) here

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“This corner is a happy little accident. We wanted to make it feel like you weren’t stuck in some corner, so we made this the ‘couple’s wall.’ We found these pictures at Round Top Antiques Fair in Texas. Dylan’s parents are up there, and all the other parents are going to go up there, too.” —RF
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