How to Design a Minimalist Space That Still Feels Warm

How to Design a Minimalist Space That Still Feels Warm

Take it from Citizens of Humanity’s creative director, Catherine Ryu.

Tristan Kallas

When looking at the people behind some of our favorite lines in the world, it’s usually safe to assume their personal style is excellent. And “personal style” doesn’t stop at someone’s wardrobe, generally—their homes are also worth a peek.

This is certainly the case with Catherine Ryu, Citizens of Humanity’s Creative Director. Beyond her denim-filled closet (which is organized by wash and year) her home is a minimalist’s dream. And whereas most stark living spaces feel somewhat spartan and bare, Ryu’s is warm, thanks to her oak floors and lovingly collected furniture.

The denim guru gave us a tour of her Hollywood Hills home, pointing out how she keeps the open and airy loft feeling welcoming and comfortable, but still pulled together.

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“Denim fabric is unique in a way; from raw form, it transforms to something completely different after wash. In raw form and at first glance, the denim fabrics look like the same dark blue cloth. Then you put the fabric through the wash processes and the fabric charter comes alive, and everything varies in construction and color. The more you get to spend time with denim fabric, the more you realize all the endless shades and looks you can create.”
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