What Happens When You Play Tennis with Hilary Swank

A friendly rally with the actress.

You find yourself in the world of health extremes like crystal healers and rawists with a two-time Academy Award-winning actress, and she tells you what she considers to be true wellness is nothing more than tennis and cuddling her rescue dogs. Now, that’s something we can get behind. But we’d be remiss if we didn’t take a friendly rally with Hilary Swank as an opportunity to talk breakfast burritos, margaritas with friends, meditation, and how her luxe line, Mission Statement, plays into her fast-paced lifestyle.

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What “wellness” means to her:

“My definition of wellness is doing something for yourself every day that allows you to calm down, work out, and eat well—whatever it might be for you. For me, I know that in order to accomplish all I need to do in a day, I need to eat well. That doesn’t mean I don’t eat little treats here and there—I love eating chips—but for the most part, I know if I want to go the distance and do all that’s required of me today, I need to eat well. So that’s eating protein, eating fruits and vegetables, stuff that actually fuels my body.

“I make sure that I’m taking an hour for myself every day to do something that is good for me. Whether it’s exercising, or to sit down and meditate, or to relax. I ask so much of myself; I’m busy all the time, my schedule is so full, so that hour is just for me, to check out of all of that.”


How she finds balance:

“I grew up an athlete, so for me exercise is just like sleeping or eating. I couldn’t live without it and it really makes me feel complete. Without it I don’t manage my stress well, I don’t sleep well, so I always try and make time to exercise. Usually, I’ll work out in the morning when I have more of my energy, so the day doesn’t get away from me. I find that that gives me more energy than actually sleeping an extra hour.”

Why tennis is her ultimate outlet:

“Growing up I was always an athlete—I was a swimmer and I played basketball, and I was a gymnast. I didn’t play tennis when I was young. I wasn’t introduced to [it] until about four years ago. And now I am completely obsessed with it. Had I found it earlier, I probably would’ve tried to pursue it as a career. I absolutely love it, I love the exponential room for growth and I also love the challenge. I think my love of tennis just made me ensure that my tennis dresses were a true crossover, that it was a high technical performance fabric, but that you could also wear it out to lunch, to dinner, or to drinks, and it didn’t look like you were in a tennis dress.”


Which spurred the idea for her clothing line:

“One of the reasons why I created Mission Statement is I found, in my day, I asked so much of myself from the second I woke up to the second I went to bed, and I couldn’t find something that took me seamlessly from my workout into my day without looking like I was in my workout clothes. So I created clothes that every modern woman’s looking for, so that you can go from the gym either into the office, or into your lunches, or dropping the kids at school, whatever it may be. For instance, the dress I have on right now, I was just playing tennis in and I just changed my shoes, and now I’m about to have a meeting for my charity right before packing and then heading to the airport.”

What “Mission Statement” means:

“The modern day woman is multifaceted and does so many things in a day. We, as women, oftentimes forget about what we’re here to do, and as far as we know, we only have one life. So the idea of taking an hour for yourself to make sure you’re living your fullest potential is what I’m encouraging women to do. What’s your mission statement?”


Her idea of wellness changed over the years:

“I don’t really focus necessarily on the aesthetic of a body. I think it’s really important to have wellness from inside. With exercising, you get a really good understanding of what you’re capable of doing and when you need to push yourself out of certain comfort zones. Sometimes your mind is your biggest obstacle and I try and focus more on the mind-body connection, rather than an aesthetic look.”

Advice for people looking to lead a healthier lifestyle:

“It’s such a personal thing to understand what it is you want to improve in your own life, and I think being really in touch with that is the first way of understanding how to go about doing something about it. It’s so different for everybody. I think one of the things that modern-day women have really moved away from, because we’re nurturers by nature, is taking care of themselves. So take an hour for yourself every day.”

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