Getting Ready for the Oscars with Busy Philipps

Getting Ready for the Oscars with Busy Philipps

Through the lens of her friend and makeup artist, Kindra Mann.

Can we all just agree that Busy Philipps and Michelle Williams were the best couple on the red carpet? Right!? We won’t even pretend you would believe otherwise. And they were also the best dressed. Aren’t you lucky you joined us here tonight, because we had one of our friends (who happens to also be Busy’s buddy), makeup artist Kindra Mann, on the inside to let us in on everything that went down before they hit the red carpet. All the Avon makeup, *that* Elizabeth Kennedy dress, and a sneak peek of what Busy’s slipping into for the after-party. Click through below. 

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“After the party, there’s the after-party.” [Ed note: This is a sneak peek of Busy’s after-party look!]
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