french beauty products parisian women use during holidays

The French Beauty Products Parisian Women Swear By for the Holidays

Timeless and elegant is our look this season.

In a perfect world, we would hop on a plane for Paris as soon as the holiday season begins and remain there, twirling through the tiny romantic streets of the City of Light until the new year. Unfortunately, our schedules (and wallets) won’t permit us to put everything else on hold, so instead we’ll settle for re-creating a night out with all of our most beloved French beauty products. We love how minimal and elegant Parisian women keep their beauty routines, so for the holidays it just takes great skin care, a dash of red lip lacquer, and a spritz of your favorite perfume to make your festive look complete. Check out the 12 French hair, makeup, and skin-care essentials you’ll need this holiday season.

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Bioderma Sensibio H2O: For any makeup leftover from last night’s party (no judgment here), our French counterparts swear by this gentle micellar water.
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