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10 Self Care-Centric Beauty and Wellness Launches To Make the Most of Your ‘Me Time’

Start making room in your medicine cabinet.

We spent January collectively lamenting about how slowly the month was passing by. In stark contrast, February came and went at breakneck speed — it was literally too fast, too furious. The flow of releases on the beauty and wellness front followed suit. After the post-holiday pause, this month was very rich with newness. But with an equal abundance of grim news, even the most avid beauty enthusiasts weren’t immune to developing some form of cosmetic apathy. Like, do I really need a new moisturizer? Will adding another fragrance to my collection actually make a difference? These are very valid asks for particularly trying times, but we can’t overlook the importance of self-care. And sometimes, this can be as simple as seeking the things that make us happy. Beauty inevitably sparks joy and if it makes you feel better, that makes all the difference. In the spirit of self-care, we’ve rounded up the best and brightest beauty buys that deserve a spot in your rotation. Keep reading for the makeup, skincare, and wellness releases that we’re most excited about this month.

Sea Power Flex Concealer

This is a rare concealer—not only does it leave behind a natural and soft finish, but it covers up spots and dark circles without being drying, thanks to the hyaluronic and polyglutamic acid-infused formula. The creamy formula sinks into the skin and stays in place without being heavy or cakey. You can dab it on with your fingers or sweep it on with a brush.


RISE Lifting + Lengthening Mascara

In the same way that we all developed an obsession with over-lined lips in 2014 and gratuitously glistening cheekbones became all the rage in 2017, this year our focus has shifted to the eyes. Regardless of what sparked the new fascination—some say it’s Euphoria’s elaborate eye looks, others attribute it to Julia Fox’s bold Michele Lamy-esque wings at Paris Fashion Week—an eye look is only as strong as your mascara. The latest addition to Milk’s lineup, a lifting mascara aptly called Rise, is their first mascara launch since Kush Volumizing Mascara joined their roster four years ago. The curved brush works to lengthen and lift with a single swipe while the marigold extract-infused formula shows your lashes some TLC.

Milk Makeup

Cloud Cushion Airy Brightening Moisturizer

It’s not just Cloud Cushion’s fluffy texture that feels rich. The entire experience is elevated, from picking up the weighty, frosted tub to scooping with the golden spatula. This marks the brand’s second launch following Milk Marvel, their cult-favorite hyperpigmentation serum. Cloud Cushion also addresses dark spots with peptides, niacinamide, and squalene on the ingredient lineup.


Outer Space Foaming Body Cleanser

Starface’s new body wash is their first foray into the body category, still with a focus on acne-prone skin. Outer Space’s vegan formula uses willow bark, glycolic, lactic, and malic acids to keep body breakouts at bay and calls in shea butter to soothe dryness, all with a nice, citrusy scent. Blast off.


After Baume

Glossier’s latest launch is an occlusive balm which means that it’s great at sealing in moisture. Whether it’s addressing daily exposure to the elements or soothing skin after excessive exfoliation (we’re all a little guilty), the balm helps build back your moisture barrier without weighing you down. And if you think that this sounds like it fits the bill as a top layer for your moisture sandwich, you’re absolutely right.


Watermelon Glow Niacinamide Sunscreen

If you need a reminder to stock up on sunscreen, this is it. The latest addition to Glow Recipe’s Watermelon Glow collection is a hybrid mineral and chemical SPF that leaves a dewy finish instead of an annoying white cast.

Glow Recipe

Hermès Rouge Limited Edition Shiny Lipstick

Hermès Beauty is leaning into spring florals with three new, limited-edition shades inspired by the hues you would see in a garden: Rose Nymphéa, Beige d’Eau, and Orange Capucine. The lipsticks are housed in colorful refillable packaging and a swipe leaves behind a glossy cast with a subtle, sheer finish. It's the ideal antithesis for those who have graduated from heavy mattes.


Women's Daily Vitamin Trio

It feels odd to classify supplements as ‘hot’, but that’s the most fitting way to describe Perelel’s online ascent. They were once only known to carry prenatals for the timeline’s most influential expectant moms and with their latest launch, the bump-less can partake, too. The Women’s Daily Vitamin Trio is a packaged set of three: a multivitamin, an omega DHA + EPA vitamin for brain health, and a biotin-collagen supplement for hair, skin, and nails.


The Active Moisturizer

For their first launch, Margin created a moisturizer with skin minimalists in mind. In the era of the mega-multistep routine, The Active Moisturizer seeks to add multiple checkmarks to your skincare to-do list: Boost hydration, protect from free radicals, and reduce dead skin buildup. There are no do-it-all creams, but this one, packed with bakuchiol, caffeine, and vitamin C, does a lot.


Sunday Reset Duo

Ceremonia’s latest launch was created with more luxe wash days in mind. This month, they added a mask and scrub to their lineup: the exfoliating papaya scalp scrub, which is perfectly timed for this year’s scalp care renaissance, and the deep conditioning mascarilla de babassu. If you’ve grown tired of your regular shampoo and conditioner, this should be an immediate ‘add to cart’.

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