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These Transitional Fashion Staples Come Expert-Recommended

5 friends of Coveteur share their essentials.

While transitional dressing is a sartorial buzzword come the finicky weather between summer and fall, the mastery of such a concept is key in efforts to embrace seasonless wardrobes. Finding new ways to wear pieces previously deemed out of season helps to increase the wearability of everything in our closets—and, of course, to decrease wasteful shopping.

We decided to ask a few stylish friends to divulge the hero pieces in their wardrobes that help bridge the gap between warm and cold weather. Though a great jacket is always a no-brainer in the situation, another consistent element we noticed throughout the selections was modularity. Many tastemakers are opting for pieces that are quite literally transitional in their own structure like a sweater with detachable sleeves or a dress with a removable shrug. Continue reading to discover more of the staples our favorite tastemakers rely on for transitional dressing.

Jeannie Jay Park

Model & Activist

"One word comes to mind: metamorphosis. Going from summer to fall is always a nostalgic time, transitioning out of the blisses of the season back into reality and colder times. I've always tried to dress against the fashion calendar with its never-ending cycle of constant 'seasons,' in recognition that it's inherently unsustainable. Therefore, I try to make many of my clothes metamorphose with me through the seasons—evolving my favorite staples like tanks and jeans into colder weather by simply styling them differently. The excitement of layering returns with the fall. A staple for transitional dressing for me is a bolero. I love this set from Korean-American brand Sundae School. I wore it so much over the summer and definitely plan to bring it with me into the fall by playing differently with the pieces—layering the bolero over a tank top with some jeans for some extra coverage. Swapping shorts out for jeans, my go-to in the fall is a classic oversized dress shirt. My favorite of the moment is this versatile shirt from Korean-American designer Tae Park, which can be worn as either a shirt or dress. Transitioning between seasons is always an optimal time to play with multi-wear, renewable accessories as well, like the reversible Mother bag I designed for Sanitation Nation, a human activist brand I founded last year. Not to mention, 100 percent of profits from the Mother bag are also being donated to Asian Women Alliance, an action-oriented network dedicated to protecting marginalized AAPI women and elders by driving social, political, and economic change for AAPI women and youth and fighting to end Asian hate."

Bolero Dress Set

Sundae School

The Mother Bag

Sanitation Nation

"As we get closer to fall, now's the time to pull out all of our favorite sweaters and wrap ourselves in something other than sweat. Nothing screams transitional dressing like a sweater that can be worn a thousand different ways. This Bevza bodysuit has served me well throughout the summer and, if I'm right, will do the same as we cross over into colder weather. And just because we're transitioning into colder weather doesn't mean we can't show our shoulders on vacation. I have a few trips coming up and this dress will 100 percent be my go-to."

Viscose Bodysuit

$320 $192

Katie Caplener

Founder of Vada

"Transitional dressing in Texas is weird and confusing. I need pieces that can be quickly removed or added. I love the Emily Dawn Long x Maria Dora detachable sleeve sweater for this kind of seasonal change staple. I also keep a bikini in my purse, so if things get really desperate I can strip down and jump in the nearest body of water (lots of options in Austin). This bikini from Isa Boulder acts as a cute top under a blazer. Other than that, socks with sandals? These Simon Miller Bubble clogs are perfect for any season."

Idris Satin Top

Isa Boulder

Bubble Clog

Simon Miller

"Denim is always a good idea to take you into a new season. I rarely wear jeans, so instead I favor a denim embellished headband, beaded collar, or jeweled handbag. Also, I love to pair knit accessories with my summer clothes to get a fall look without compromising the need to stay cool in the warm weather."

Alina Rigid Flared Jeans

Victoria Beckham

Lindy McDonough

Founder of Lindquist Object

"My go-to when dressing transitionally is to keep it simple, and I typically lean towards a monochromatic palette. At this very moment, as we transition from the deep humidity of a Rhode Island summer to the crisp glory of fall, I'm wearing a lot of white. I know there is some taboo about wearing white after Labor Day, but it's by far my favorite neutral. My preference is for slightly off-white, a cream white, some might even say dirty white. Since I'm working in a studio most days, I lean towards functional pieces, and to be honest, most of my white workwear is a bit infused with leather dust and glue and dirt—it's stained and scuffed and shows all the signs of wear, and I like it that way. The Rudyjude Utility Jeans and the Ilana Kohn Workshirt are a must, and for shoes I love this pair of leather fisherman sandals from Steve Mono. Of course, I always pull on my very patinated Lindquist Object Vachetta Faba to finish any outfit, worn either across the chest or as a waist bag for an afternoon bike ride. I love the Faba because it holds just the essentials and rests comfortably right against my body, and if it gets cold or I'm headed out, I can throw on my Quilted Liner Jacket from Carleen over the full ensemble."

Melvin Shirt

Ilana Kohn
$265 $212

Faba Bag

Lindquist Object

Quilt Liner

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