The Accessories Trends We’re Investing In This Fall

The Accessories Trends We’re Investing In This Fall

Think jewel tones, satin, crystals, and velvet.

Alec Kugler

Some people get a rush by finding the perfect pasta in Italy, or by scouring flea markets and antiques shows, looking for hidden gems. For me, there’s nothing I love more than the rush of a fall fashion refresh. While I was never prepared for anything back in high school, as an adult, I can honestly say this is one task I start well in advance and would like to think I pass with flying colors. After many hours spent online, I’ve found the perfect accessories needed to give my wardrobe the boost it needs for fall. Here are my picks.

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My wardrobe gets significantly less colorful once the weather turns crisp. A pop of color from a bag like this J.W. Pierce is the perfect way to spice things up. It also helps that this bag has already reached cult status.

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Fall for us means social media overload, running and posting between shows. In order to get those insta-stories just right, having both hands free is a necessity. This chic hip sac from Gucci is the perfect fashion week accessory for the perfect snap.

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While I love a logo as much as the next person, there is something to be said for understated elegance as well. The pale color and hardware of this bag are the perfect combo for understated fall luxury.
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