The Accessories Trends We’re Investing In This Fall

The Accessories Trends We’re Investing In This Fall

Think jewel tones, satin, crystals, and velvet.

Alec Kugler

Some people get a rush by finding the perfect pasta in Italy, or by scouring flea markets and antiques shows, looking for hidden gems. For me, there’s nothing I love more than the rush of a fall fashion refresh. While I was never prepared for anything back in high school, as an adult, I can honestly say this is one task I start well in advance and would like to think I pass with flying colors. After many hours spent online, I’ve found the perfect accessories needed to give my wardrobe the boost it needs for fall. Here are my picks.

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My wardrobe gets significantly less colorful once the weather turns crisp. A pop of color from a bag like this J.W. Pierce is the perfect way to spice things up. It also helps that this bag has already reached cult status.

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This season, there’s nothing I love more than a mule. After scouring high and low, I have found these beauties from No.21 and there is no turning back. It is also my first time adding leopard into my wardrobe, and I don’t think I will look back.

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While fall can feel more masculine with coats and sweaters, adding a bit of femininity with the help of an embellished shoe can help extend some of my girly vibes that come out in the summer.
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