Halloween Makeup You Can Wear All Day

Halloween Makeup You Can Wear All Day

Desk to disco.

As a child, Halloween meant that strangers gave you bucketloads of king-sized candy, for free, and you were only required to think up one really good costume per year. Fast-forward to adulthood, and not only are we robbed of the whole trick-or-treat thing (we do get cocktails though, so there’s that), but we’re expected to come up with like, five really original, creative, pretty-but-not-too-cute, fun-but-kind-of-spooky Halloween getups. And then there’s the whole dressing up for an entire week’s worth of after-work festivities. In the interest of saving ourselves some time (isn’t that always the case?), we figured we could come to work with our makeup as usual, and then transform ourselves with a little more than a heavy-handed application to make it to our friend’s costume-mandatory party—without having to drop $50 in the process. With a little imagination (and maybe some Google Image visuals for help), these looks can be created with the products already in your makeup bag for a lazier approach (our personal vote), or supplemented with some accessories picked up during a CVS beer run for the aforementioned get-together—because real adults don’t show up empty-handed to Halloween parties.

Vampire or Zombie

Applying a long-lasting matte red like Nars Dragon Girl in the morning is work-appropriate *and* means you don’t have to get on the E train wearing a full-on costume before your first coffee. Come 5:00 PM, when it’s time to touch up your lipstick, take it as your opportunity to color outside the lines and make a mess, smudging around with a Q-tip or your fingers. Add in some fake blood and dark circles courtesy of some eyeshadow (and the late nights you’re likely having) and half a bottle of volumizing hairspray for a Walking Dead zombie look. Or slick back your hair, add some fake teeth, and then drink pinot noir all happy hour long and tell everyone you’re a vampire.

Cleopatra or Skeleton

Start the morning off with a simple cat-eye look. Post-work, take a steady hand and exaggerate the eyeliner out, and fill in the entire lid with blue shadow (all the way up to the brow) to easily create Elizabeth Taylor–as–Cleopatra feels.

Advanced types (or those with a creatively inclined friend), go in with a super-precise liquid liner to draw large circles around the eyes, fill them in with black eyeshadow, and add accents around the mouth. Add a black turtleneck, and you’re a skeleton.
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