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10 Things We Consumed This Week: Pink Cat Clocks to Dream Scenario

We’re leaning into self-care and escapism as we run headlong into the holidays.

Consumer Diaries
10 Things We Consumed This Week: Pink Cat Clocks to Dream Scenario

Welcome to Coveteur’s Consumer Diaries! As our co-dependent relationship with the algorithm deepens with time, the bottomless scroll has turned us all into 24/7 consumers. As we consume varying degrees of news, targeted ads, trailers, shopping, and user-generated content, all accordioned together in an endless feed—our consumer habits have reached a fever pitch. In each Consumer Diary, we are taking the cultural pulse of the week and asking Coveteur staff members about what they consumed this past week.

With the SAG strike officially ending last Thursday, Hollywood is finally settling back to normal–projects are up and running, celebrities are eating spicy chicken to promote their latest film, and everyone who wore a non-SAG-approved Halloween costume can finally make that Instagram carousel. In other Hollywood news, now that Britney’s e-Book, narrated by the inimitable Michelle Williams, has been out for over a week, the memes have been circulating, and none of us can stop saying, “fo shiz, fo shiz, what’s up my homie?” Hearing Michelle Williams doing her southern accent impression of Britney doing an impression of Justin Timberlake talking to Genuwine–can audiobooks be nominated for Oscars?

As the holiday panic sets in and we’re scouring the internet for the perfect gift to give our friends or loved ones, we're also taking it as an opportunity to do a little window shopping for ourselves. Spend now; manifest the holiday bonus later. As the marketing marathon of the holidays continues, we’re all doing our best to keep our heads above water before the respite of the holiday break. Whether it’s in the spirit of escapism, self-care, or simply bad impulse control, the Coveteur team has been consuming everything from pink cat clocks to Nicholas Cage films to yuzu-infused sparkling wine. Find out what else the Coveteur team consumed this week below:

1. Heavenly Vices Gold Lock

“My guilty pleasure will always be jewelry, and I'm on an endless quest to integrate every one-of-a-kind design into my stack. So, I'm designing a custom gold Victorian-inspired lock necklace for my 35th birthday. These 14k three-sided combination locks allow you to wear (or share) your secrets. So, I'm going to add a few hidden meanings to mine. They all have the ability to showcase the Roman alphabet, Victorian symbols, and Braille. I also love this one that says SURE (French for safe).” — Leya Kaufman (Head of Brand—Publisher & VP of Sales)

2. Pink Satin Lady Kit-Cat Clock

“Don’t ask me why, but I’m dying for this clock.” — Lauren Malanga (Campaign Manager)

3. Skinvive

“This week, I tried Skinvive, a hyaluronic acid microdroplet injectable that can achieve smoother skin and a filter-like, glowy finish. It's the hottest new injectable to hit the US. So, I put my face in the hands of the expert injector, Tara Adashev, APRN, at Neinstein Plastic Surgery. It'll take about three weeks to see the full effects, but I'm thrilled with the minimal redness and smoother cheeks that I'm enjoying less than 24 hours out.” — Leya Kaufman (Head of Brand—Publisher & VP of Sales)

4. Elorea Hazy Blue Hand Cream

“As soon as the season gets colder, my hands and cuticles are the first to turn brittle and dry. As a ‘preventative care’ girl, I stocked up on hand creams to use all season long, and this one from Elorea is a recent favorite. Featuring all-star ingredients like hyaluronic acid, ceramides, and Blue Complex—a patented blend of six plant-based extracts for antioxidant benefits—I'll be ringing in the holidays with baby smooth skin! “ — Katie Mok (Content Management Coordinator)

5. Dream Scenario

“If anyone thinks Nicholas Cage is just a punchline, I will personally give you a very stern lecture. Yes, he’s had some flops in the past (you would too if you were $6M in debt after getting addicted to buying real estate before the market crashed), but he has always been a phenomenal actor, and Dream Scenario might be his best, most-nuanced, and deftly funny role yet. My friends were split on the movie itself, but if you were a fan of the director Kristoffer Borgli’s latest film, Sick of Myself, you’d know what type of existential horror-comedy to expect. If you like Charlie Kauffman movies or Borgli’s specific brand of astringent Norwegian humor, you’ll love Dream Scenario.” — Andie Eisen (Culture Editor)

6. Nespresso Virtuo Machine (and Double Espresso Chiaro Pods)

“I spend far too much money on coffee, but I have officially conquered my at-home coffee routine and am taking every opportunity to talk about it. As a Nespresso Virtuo machine owner for about a year, I have tried every pod and process available on the market. The classic double espresso chiaro pod is the most versatile, making anything from a classic latte to a peppermint mocha (add a sprinkle of hot cocoa mix and a piece of candy cane you bought too early or found in the back of a cabinet—it's not gross, it’s thrifty).” — Paige Kowal (Associate Account Manager)

7. Wonderwerk x Yuzuco, Luv Yuzu Lite

“I'm a sucker for all things citrus, but in a glass of sparkling wine? Say less; I'm sold. This yuzu-based wine is refreshing and floral, all without that bitter aftertaste citrus drinks tend to have. Since yuzu is a winter citrus, this serves as the perfect bright sip for the holiday parties to come!” — Katie Mok (Content Management Coordinator)

8. Old St. John via The RealReal

“I've expounded from my soapbox about my fascination with St. John (here, for example), specifically in the realm of Chanel-esque collarless jackets. However, I've recently been perusing their knitwear and snagged a cherry red shrunken short-sleeved sweater that reminds me of a look from the Spring 2024 Bally collection, and I can't stop wearing it. Pro tip: go browse before the prices start to rise!” — Camille Freestone (Senior Style Editor)

9. Bonsai Fuzzy Pink Cardigan

“Squishy and comfortable. I need more pink in my life.” — Greg Brossia (Chief Digital Officer)

10. HaiDiLao Hot Pot

“HaiDiLao is a chain of hot pot restaurants that started in China with five locations in the US, one of which is in the Century City Mall in Los Angeles. I went there with a group to celebrate a friend’s birthday, and we had–excuse my French–a fuckin blast. You order food via iPad, which is brought to your table by a robot with a cat’s face. I definitely wouldn’t sleep on the sauce bar or the Dancing Noodle. When you order the Dancing Noodle, a dude in an Adidas tracksuit with a sideways baseball cap takes a ball of dough and does a hip-hop dance until it stretches into hand-pulled noodles. 10/10 performance.” — Andie Eisen (Culture Editor)

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