The Chicago Farmers Market Is Filled With Birkenstocks and Thrift Store Scores

A snapshot of relaxed Sunday morning style in the Windy City.

The Chicago Farmers Market Is Filled With Birkenstocks and Thrift Store Scores
Photo: Steven Piper

Welcome to Coveteur's latest series, Farmers Market Run. As endless fans of personal style, Coveteur editors are forever curious about what people are wearing and how they're wearing it. In pursuit of style inspiration this summer, we’re heading across the country to various farmers markets—one of our favorite spots for people-watching!—to uncover off-duty style in its truest form: supporting local purveyors and buying groceries.

At Green City Market in Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood, the energy is relaxed—and patrons are dressed accordingly. Think: boxer shorts, unitards, and vintage T-shirts. And of course, no weekend morning ensemble is complete without some form of functional footwear, namely sneakers and Birkenstocks (socks optional). Even those in frilly blouses and hot pink trousers round out their look with a tennis shoe. The pizazz often comes in the form of accessories rather than the clothing. Shoppers exhibit YSL belts, Fendi sunglasses, and Gucci crossbody bags. Compared to NYC's Union Square Farmers Market, which we visited earlier this summer, the vibe skews in a slightly simpler direction—easy, reliable pieces that are perfect for a Sunday morning grocery run.

Continue scrolling to discover a snapshot of our favorite Chicago farmers market ensembles, then stay tuned as we head to Austin and L.A. for more farmers market style inspiration.

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