The Best Coveteur Tattoos

The Best Coveteur Tattoos

Nick Wooster, Olivia Kim & more dish on their first tat and their most meaningful ink.

We think it would be fair to say that a lot of the editors, singers, models and actors you see on Coveteur are storytellers in a lot of ways. Bear with us for a minute. By the time we actually get to the house of, say, Jayne Min or Chelsea Leyland, we usually find they have a whole lot more going on than just clothes (we mean, their clothes are still a big deal, dont get us wrong), like, say, their beauty cabinets, book shelves, refrigerators, and oh, their tattoos.

We stand firmly by the belief that a permanent ink drawing on one’s exposed skin says a lot about who you are. And through the anthropological research that is our job, we’ve found that the tattoo-bearing bunch are a notable crew. Not that they can be grouped all together, but they certainly have many interesting stories to tell and no problems with spilling them. So, in order to benefit our collective curiosity, we decided to ask some of the Cov-alums with the most striking ink to let us in on their first piece and their favorites, while our resident tattoo artist chimes in on the craziest requests he’s ever had and the most common. We consider the latter required viewing for the next time you feel the itch to get a piece of your own.

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“All my tattoos do have meanings and some meanings are more obvious than others. Sometimes the time, place or artist when receiving one can be just as (or more) important then the actual image tattooed. I’ve gotten tattooed for heartbreak, love, death, friendship, art, crews, neighborhoods, girlfriends, luck and travels. I always say my memories and my tattoos will be my most prized possessions when I’m old. I’ve been tattooed by over 50 different tattoo artists in over 10 countries—it is by far the most expensive suit you could ever buy, but it’s one of a kind.” —Luke Wessman, Tattoo Artist
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