We’ve Found the Official Nail Color of Fall 2017

We’ve Found the Official Nail Color of Fall 2017

And it goes with everything.

Alec Kugler

When we crush on a nail color, we fall *hard.* Remember when black nails hit, back in like 2005? And then that mushroomy greige? There’s a new neutral-but-not nail color we keep seeing over and over for fall, and we can’t get enough of it: burnt orange. We first saw the earthy cream color on our desks with Smith & Cult Tang Bang from their fall 2017 lineup—maybe no surprise, considering the brand’s founder also started Hard Candy (visionary!). Then, when the queen of backstage nail artists, Jin Soon Choi, sent over her new terracotta-like burnt orange called Idyll, which was followed by a delivery of jewelry designer-cum-nail polish creator J. Hannah’s slightly more apricot-y Saltillo, we knew there was only one color we’d be painting on this season. We’re picturing it with olive green sweaters, khaki trenches, and lots of denim, denim, denim. Below, find the burnt orange that you like with your skin tone and blends best into your wardrobe, whether it leans rusty, peachy, or a little bit on the turmeric side. Just please, for the love of the autumnal goddess, don’t call it pumpkin spice.

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