How Bryce Dallas Howard Got Ready for the SAG Awards

How Bryce Dallas Howard Got Ready for the SAG Awards

The Black Mirror star talks working with Adir Abergel, and how Kara Yoshimoto Bua not only does her makeup, but also keeps her healthy.

Justin Campbell

Over the years we have seen the magic that Adir Abergel and Kara Yoshimoto Bua create when they work together, so when we heard that they were Bryce Dallas Howard’s glam squad for the SAG Awards (she’s nominated for Black Mirror!), we knew right away that we had to be there to capture all of the BTS action and glamour. From her red sequined Dress The Population gown, to Abergel’s newest hair accessories perfectly placed in her updo, to Bua’s fresh-faced, bright look, Howard headed to the red carpet looking like a living piece of art. But who are we kidding, we didn’t expect anything less from Virtue Labs’ newest creative director, Abergel, and CHANEL’s celebrity makeup artist, Bua—especially when you know they call one another, Howard included, family. Let’s just say it’s definitely one family that we would happily be adopted into.

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“I was honestly, more than anything, so proud to be there in that moment. [Bryce is] a real artist, she goes and gives her heart out to every project that she does and she is being celebrated for Black Mirror, nominated for it, and her performance was so beautiful and so incredible and so raw and so real. I just thought, I’m so happy that you look beautiful and that you feel beautiful, and that you can go there and celebrate yourself today. I’m like a proud dad with all of these girls. People think of them as celebrities and I think of them as artists, for me they are artists that I get to collaborate with.”—Adir
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