These Are Our Favorite Fashion Looks of the Week

These Are Our Favorite Fashion Looks of the Week

Endless style inspiration ahead.

If we had a dollar for every time we said “Instagram” every day, we’d have a house in the Hamptons, a closet full of Valentino and Sacai, solid-gold toothbrushes, and an actual zoo in our backyard. We’d be rich. Such is the beauty of the world’s most addictive app.

It’s also a gold mine of style inspiration, obviously, and one that (as proved by the above scenario) we reference constantly. Here are the very best looks we saw this week.

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Best Interpretation of Loungewear: Veronika Heilbrunner

“I know loungewear is supposed to make you relaxed, but I can’t do it. It just makes me feel...down. Whenever I work from home, I’m usually wearing something I would wear out that makes me feel nice. So I am all for Veronika’s Cartier Juste un Clou photo series, which highlights the importance of everyday things. The Juste un Clou line is all about glamour and freedom, and to that I say: ‘Let them eat tortilla chips in Saint Laurent Pumps!’” —Tara Gonzalez

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@veronikaheilbrunner
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