best denim moments in coveteur history

The Best Denim Moments in Coveteur History

Because, whether you like it or not, fall is around the corner.

When you visit people’s homes and go through their closets for a living, you stumble across *a lot* of fashion gems, including an insane amount of denim. How many jeans do you own? We personally have five to ten pairs each, not including the army of denim jackets, shirts, and skirts that crowd our wardrobes. Just imagine the amount we come across in homes where the closets are the size of a bedroom or, better yet, in the homes of those who work in the denim biz. Not only do these sightings offer some major shopping inspo, they also make for some pretty incredible photos. In the spirit of Denim Week, enjoy our favorite denim moments in Coveteur history.

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