The 6 Best Conditioners We’ve Ever Tried

The 6 Best Conditioners We’ve Ever Tried

And we try a lot.

Between conditioner and shampoo, conditioner might come with the most emotional baggage. It’s the first step in styling, it’s responsible for helping repair hair damage from color and styling, and, for women with fine hair, they’ll often skip it entirely out of fear it will weigh down their potential volume. But the right conditioner can solve a lot of problems: define curls, smooth frizz, seal split ends, and, for those who want volume, actually fill strands to make them thicker. It’s just a matter of finding the right one. Here, Coveteur editors—who test enough conditioners to be know-it-alls (see below)—share their top picks.

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Christophe Robin Moisturizing Hair Oil with Lavender

“I recently decided to lighten my hair, and it became frighteningly brittle and dry. While I sometimes sleep with Christophe Robin’s Lavender Hair Oil, it’s also just as effective when used post-shampoo in the shower and left on for a few minutes. It’s honestly hair salvation.” —Stephanie Mark
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