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These Beauty Trends Will Dominate 2022

We see way more celebrity beauty brands in our crystal ball.

beauty trends

It’s harder than ever to map out where we go from here. Sitting down to think about what’s on the horizon in the beauty industry can feel frivolous (for those who aren’t beauty obsessed like us) but the beauty world is a microcosm of the world at large. The things that we cherish, aspire to, and worry about are all reflected in what we seek in our beauty and skin care products.

For instance, this year’s ultra-experimental makeup trends like dyed brows and multicolor shadow can be interpreted as a manifestation of the ongoing cries for change. And no-makeup makeup with high voltage dew can be looked at as a reflection of our wellness obsession stemming from the pandemic—kind of like health signalling with makeup. But what will beauty be mirroring in 2022? Read on for our predictions.

The “Skinification” of Hair Care

If you’ve been abreast to this year’s hair drops, it’s clear that scalp care is the new skin care. For as long as I can recall, the unspoken understanding was that you only opted for scalp products if something was seriously wrong (like if your problems were of the itchy and flaky variety). But in the same way that just a cleanser and moisturizer won’t cut it for skin enthusiasts, many are phasing out the two-step shampoo and conditioner hair care routine for a more immersive multi step regimen.

The “skinification” of hair care becomes more evident in how brands describe their products—we’re seeing a surge in hair cleansers which would usually be referred to as shampoos. You can expect to see way more of that going forward. With new launches from brands like Reverie and Act + Acre bridging the gap between skin and hair, our showers will be a lot more indulgent next year.

AI-Assisted Shopping

I’ll be honest: I hate shopping for makeup online. No matter how sure I am of my shade, there’s still plenty of room for error. It’s impossible to replicate the feeling of testing the product IRL before buying. Thankfully, that’s where artificial intelligence comes in. There’s a new wave of A.I. breaking ground in beauty commerce to make the online shopping experience feel a little more personal. Hopefully, next year they’ll move further towards the forefront of the industry so that we can feel a little more confident about what’s in our carts. We’ve got our eyes on Yuty, a new site that converts user data into curated product recs.

Way, Way More Celebrity Beauty Brands

The celebrity to beauty CEO pipeline isn’t a novel concept these days and as skeptical as some may be, celeb-helmed beauty and skin care brands aren’t going anywhere. But next year things may look different. Between Harry Styles launching Pleasing and Machine Gun Kelly unveiling his many splendored polish line UN/DN, the floodgates are opening up for more beauty brands from male celebs and TBH, we’re not mad at it. How cool would it be if Lil Nas X launched a line of cat eye decals like the ones that he wore to this year’s Met Gala? Or if Ben Affleck launched a line of tattoo coverup as an IYKYK homage to his infamous back tatt? I’d be into that.

Matte Fluid Eye Paint

About Face
$24 $18

Wellness and Beauty Grow More Intertwined

From foundations with niacinamide to concealers with shea butter, our appetite for beauty products with good-for-you ingredients reached peak levels this year. Although infusing skin care ingredients into beauty formulas isn’t completely new, it’s bound to become the norm this year as our beauty, skin, and health rituals become enmeshed. This is both in the interest of saving time—a beauty product that saves you a step in your skin care routine is a win/win—and catering to our growing collective investment in wellness.

But what does an intertwined beauty and wellness routine look like? A prime example is The Nue Co.’s functional fragrances, which promise to give you a cognitive boost with every spritz.

Mind Energy

The Nue Co.

The Face Pencil

Jones Road

Ta-Ta, Acrylic!

If you haven’t already tried Gel X, 2022 will probably be your year to make the swap. Après’ soft gel system is one of the most exciting innovations for nail extensions because of how little damage it leaves in its wake.

Instead of the aggressive drilling that we’ve grown accustomed to with acrylics and gel extensions, Gel X simply soaks off. It’s on track to dethrone acrylic and its many derivatives for good. But beyond that, it’s very likely that 2022 will see a mass extension exodus. With another lockdown looming, the uncertain availability of salons will likely cause many to ditch extensions altogether and embrace natural nails (or press-ons) instead.

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