Beauty Habits 15 People Learned When They Were Young

Beauty Habits 15 People Learned When They Were Young

They’ve been sticking by these for years.

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How many of us have a beauty habit we learned when we were kids that we still use as adults? Hey, if it works, it works, right? Maybe you read a hack for the perfect eyeliner in a copy of Seventeen that you swiped from your older sister’s room or watched her do lip liner so many times that no matter beauty tutorials you watch, you still swipe her technique.

For me, it was eyeshadow. I didn’t get into makeup until much later, but from age three onward I took dance classes and every year my mom did my makeup for the dress rehearsals and recitals. She always arranged the colors the exact same way—dark shadow in the crease, light sparkly shade on the lid, even lighter sparkly shade on the brow bone. I still follow these principles today, because, well, they make sense. Like face contouring, the concept is based on where the shadows and sun would naturally fall on your face. Sometimes, old habits die hard for a reason! (But I do occasionally wish I knew how to do an elaborate cut-crease.)

Whether we cling to our beauty conventions because we actually love them or because they’ve become so routine that doing things any other way would seem almost wrong, it can be hard to shake the routines we learn when we’re at our most impressionable. Here, 15 people share the tips, tricks, and habits they developed at a young age and still use today.

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Deenie Hartzog-Mislock, Freelance Copy Director & Essayist

“Using body oil every time I get out of the shower, before applying lotion. I have a bunch of Lebanese aunts who swore by body oils and cold creams (and their skin was out of this world), so I started using body oil after the shower when I was 15 and I just can’t kick it. Also, my mom beat the fear of neck-wrinkles in me when I was pretty young, often telling me ‘You can always tell a woman’s age by her neck and her hands.’ So I’ve been washing, toning, and moisturizing my neck with the same enthusiasm that I give my face since I was a teen, too.”

See, not all beauty habits need to be broken!


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