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The 27 Best Beauty Products That Launched in August

Including super-luxurious $57 lipstick and a scalp scrub for 15 bucks.

Alec Kugler
Even though it can be totally sweltering, August is the month when beauty brands launch their big fall releases—that’s how they gear up for the “back to reality” shopping rush we all feel when we realize we do indeed need to get our shit together. (I, for one, am squeezing in a hair appointment tomorrow with DJ Quintero before the NYFW rush next week!) This month was as impressive as we hoped, blessing us with our favorite Pat McGrath eye shadow palette to date and an affordable scalp scrub from & Other Stories’ new hair-care line. We even nabbed the new Dior liquid lip colors that dispense through felt-tip pens. The forecast calls for a very good-looking fall.

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Supergoop! Smooth + Poreless 100% Mineral Matte Screen SPF 40: One more time: The best anti-ager you can use is sunscreen. Period. Plus, it helps stave off skin cancer. My very favorite is Supergoop! City Serum, which uses chemical sunscreen ingredients that absorb UV rays. This new mineral version uses “natural” sunscreen minerals that reflect UVs. It has a tint, so it doesn’t leave skin white, and extra ingredients to help protect against the light from our computer and phone screens, too.
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