The Summer Jewelry Trend We Can’t Get Enough Of

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Fashion has seen its fair share of comebacks of late, but one era slowly creeping its way back into our closets is the aughts—it came as a surprise, but we're not going to lie when when we say we've been thoroughly enjoying many of the lost Y2K styles. So with summer now in full swing, we are looking back to the aughts for a new take on sleek with the return of anklets and body jewelry.

Much like a dainty necklace, the appeal of the anklet comes from its ability to be stylish and discreet. A slim slip of gold around the ankle with a delicate charm is the perfect way to highlight a strappy sandal. However, if subtlety is not your beat, there are a few other ways to wear. Larger chain link and flat curb chains are a bold addition to an anklet stack, while shell and pearl details feel of-the-moment and fresh.

For those who don't remember, there was a time when body jewelry like belly chains and full-body necklaces were the premier accessory. With the lowered waistlines and fitted crop tops of the aughts, a slim and delicate chain wrapped around the waist was the epitome of sexy. Think J.Lo circa 2001 or Beyonce's iconic GQ cover where she sported a full-body chain under a cropped jersey.

Body jewelry, be it hand, ankle, waist, or full-on body, can be bold or subtly sleek—and with string bikinis and crop tops back in the spotlight, now feels like the perfect time to slip back into this trend as though it never left.

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