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How Alexander Roth Hones in on Creativity Even on the Busiest of Days

The multi-hyphenate creator gives us a peek at his fashion week. In collaboration with Oxygen.

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Fashion Week
alexander roth
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So much of Alexander Roth's career consists of capturing the energy of a specific moment, be it posing in front of a camera or documenting his surroundings from behind the lens. It requires an ability to be present, which is no easy feat when you've got a jam-packed schedule to stick to. Now, ahead of next month's quickly approaching fashion week, Roth, an art director, content creator, and model, shares more about how he prepares to navigate one of the busiest times of his year.

To better understand how Roth balances his multi-faceted career and its responsibilities, the NYC-based creative joined us for a day as he prepares for fashion week. He shares the ways in which he homes in on inspiration as it strikes and prioritizes time to unwind. Plus, through it all, he also makes sure to tend to life's other priorities, like staying on top of his finances and earning high-end rewards while paying for his expenses, thanks to Oxygen's mobile banking app. After all, once you know those things are on track, it's much easier to revel in the moment of witnessing an amazing runway show or landing on a brilliant vision for your next big project. Ahead, Roth shares more.

alexander roth
alexander roth

What are some non-negotiables of your morning routine?

"I like having a packed day, it keeps me on top of everything. I typically start by trying not to look at my phone while I get up, have coffee, et cetera. I'll check my email and lay out my day. Without a doubt, every morning I ice my face and listen to music quite loudly to put myself in a good mood—just a ritual of mine."

Leading up to fashion week, what are the expectations of your schedule, and how do you prepare for them?

"I usually prioritize any friends or clients showing during fashion week and then work my schedule around that. I don't like being too hectic—I like to enjoy my time and take it for what it is. I'm glad I have a great team that works alongside me with scheduling, fittings, and any essential needs to get me through the week."

What do your responsibilities look like during fashion week (even if no two days are exactly alike)?

"I want to learn something new every day, in any creative aspect. I have a journal I keep, and every day I think of another dream project to work on and I start to plan it—even if it never comes to fruition, it's a great exercise. Image research and emails are vital for me, as well."

alexander roth
alexander roth
alexander roth

As a creative professional, what tips and tools have you found most helpful for your financial well-being?

"Each week, I set a limit for both my personal and work expenses that I try my best not to go over."

What are your favorite ways to utilize Oxygen?

"It doesn't get much better than no minimum balance or monthly fees! And the fact I get more cash back than my other cards on almost all of my purchases makes spending and working less strenuous than it has to be."

How do you plan financial goals? And what's one you're currently working on?

"More often than not, I'm trying to plan a trip, so consulting the schedule is the first thing I do. I make sure I have no major projects that are time- and money-consuming in the not too distant future to focus on. Currently, I'm looking for a new apartment and a dog!"

alexander roth
alexander roth

What's your cure for a midday slump?

"Coffee. And good music. Maybe a cigarette."

How will this coming fashion week be unique from past ones you've worked through?

"I'm happy to be vaccinated and participate this year. A lot of eyes are on the fashion world to see how we handle various fashion week happenings. I'm interested to see how it all plays out. I'm very excited to see some friends I haven't seen in a couple of years, just catch up and enjoy this blessing."

What's typically the most rewarding part of your workday?

"The end. I cherish the time I get to myself to evaluate the day I had so I can plan the next one."

When it's finally time to wind down, what's the best way to recharge for the next day ahead?

"I usually put my phone down for a day. Post-fashion week, I'm very overstimulated with social media, collections, people, et cetera. It's good to disconnect and ground yourself."

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