lucinda loya

You’ll Find No Shortage of Birkin Bags and Platform Heels in This Interior Designer’s Closet

Minimalism what?

By: Camille Freestone
Styling: Leah Faye Cooper
Photography: Alec Kugler

When you think of a collector, you picture someone with extreme devotion to one particular item—someone who is meticulous in obtaining their highly curated supply. This same logic applies to Houston-based interior designer Lucinda Loya’s approach to her closet. She refers to its different segments as collections: a denim collection, a rosary collection, a corset collection, even a Birkin collection. Each contains a highly curated selection of garments found everywhere from Gucci and Vivienne Westwood to costume shops in New York City and leather boutiques in Milan—you know you’ve amassed an impressive collection if you can outfit all of your Halloween costumes out of pieces you already own.

In terms of her personal style, the way Loya describes her fashion sense applies directly to her interior design style and vice versa. Her ostentatious eye for aesthetics is transcendent over both realms. “My fashion sense is not too far over the edge but all the way to the edge. I love that rule ‘it’s so wrong that it’s right.’” Loya, a self proclaimed “poster child for Hermès,” is partial to eccentric patterns, patinaed leather, and platform heels—the taller, the better. Fashion is more than just a passion for Loya, as it literally acts as a testament to her design capabilities. “With my line of work, I feel like if I don’t look put together, how can I be trusted to do a good job when I put together someone’s house? I always want to look creative.” And that, she does.