An Ode to the Versatile Silk Scarf

Learn about the accessory steeped in history, and shop a few of our favorites.

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Look in most fashion girls’ wardrobes, and we guarantee you will almost always find a silk scarf. The luxe accessory, steeped in history, transcends personal preference in style. They weave their way through the closets of everyone from the ultra-feminine to the homme girls, and for good reason. They are an insurmountably easy way to add a pop of color to any wardrobe. Not to mention they span just about every price point. You can find one in the $5 bin at a flea market (where I tend to purchase my own), or you can spend hundreds, even thousands, for the super luxury versions.

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Speaking of their history, silk scarves were originally used to denote rank in the 1800s. Silk was a very expensive fabric and therefore reserved for the higher classes of society. According toCR Fashion Book, Hermès released the first edition of the luxury silk scarf as we know it today in 1937. By the 1950s they were a hit among the fashion elite. We saw them on icons such as Brigitte Bardot, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, and Bianca Jagger, among others.

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Silk scarves are not lacking in versatility by any means. The ways you can wear them are infinite—each season it seems someone finds (or recycles) a new technique. Tie one around your neck for a classic, retro look, or tie it behind your neck to create a triangle effect in the front. They can also be worn in your hair as a headband, a bandana, or as an accessory to your ponytail. Knot one around your purse strap or wrist. Perhaps you’re feeling adventurous and want to try one as a belt. Whatever you’re feeling, you can’t go wrong with this multi-faceted, classic yet modern accessory.

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