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9 Aromatherapy Oils to Soothe Your Mind and Skin

You and your skin both deserve a little R&R right now.

By: Isabella Sarlija

If you’re feeling down right now, we want you to know that you’re not alone. During stressful times like these, trips to the Russian banya or Korean day spa would have been the remedy to assuage all of our issues. Unfortunately, we cannot go and sit in a sauna, where a middle-aged Russian man throws water onto scorching stones to produce steam. We cannot get slapped repeatedly by eucalyptus leaves (which is actually very soothing), and we cannot enjoy a bibimbap in between a hot stone massage and a dive in the pool.

So what can we do? Well, we can start off by bringing the scent of the spa to us. During our time of social distancing, we have found some welcome respite in our skin-care routines. Why shouldn’t we include aromatic products into our routines for some stress relief, as well? Aromatherapy has the ability to relieve anxiety, clear the mind, and even reduce physical ailments that we may be experiencing (say, from working at your kitchen table for weeks on end). Here are some of our favorite products that combine the benefits of aromatherapy and skin-care all into one package.


UMA Oils Pure Calm Wellness Body Oil, $90

Living in New York City means we are no strangers to calming products to help us unwind after long and tiring days. We love this product by UMA Oils, which contains roman chamomile essential oil to alleviate anxiety. This oil also does a great job of locking moisture into the skin after a soothing bath or steamy shower.

de Mamiel Salvation Body Oil, $135

This oil has all the key ingredients to ease both your mind and body. With essential oils such as ylang ylang, frankincense, rosemary, and jasmine, a few whiffs of this is enough to soothe you during your times of high anxiety. Ingredients such as CoQ10 work to refresh skin to bring a youthful glow to even the most sullen of complexions.

French Girl Organics Eye Opening Rose Oil, $42

Whether you believe in the efficacy of eye creams or not, the sweet smell of roses may be just the thing you need for a little pick-me-up during a taxing day. The stainless-steel roller ball works to distribute the hydrating oil evenly around the eyes while simultaneously de-puffing the area through lymphatic drainage. Rose essential oil is known for its ability to relieve anxiety while transporting a person to a state of bliss.

Tata Harper Aromatic Stress Treatment, $80

If you’re currently working from home, it’s not always easy (or feasible) to go for a clarity walk in the afternoon. For those little moments in between Zoom meetings, apply this oil to the pulse points of the body and delve into some much-needed relaxation. Bergamot, neroli, and sandalwood create the most beautiful symphony of calm for your seemingly restless day.

African Botanics Neroli Infused Marula Oil, $120

If this product were an astrological sign, it’d be a Capricorn: it makes sure its loved ones (you) are feeling at ease while working hard to protect them (again, you) from any dangers. Neroli flowers are macerated in marula oil, which essentially means that dried flowers are soaked in oil to achieve optimal extraction from the bloom. Neroli works to ease the mind with its floral and spiced notes. Marula oil helps to fight off free radicals with its antioxidants and eliminate breakouts with its antimicrobial properties. That means you’re calm and your skin looks great, too.

Eminence Organic Skin Care Facial Recovery Oil, $76

There are a plethora of products available that help us unwind after a long day, but what about that same soothing energy to start? This oil is a great addition to your morning routine, as olive and sesame oil both penetrate deeply into the skin to moisturize. The eucalyptus, tea tree, and rosemary oils all work to clarify the skin. We also suggest breathing deeply for a soothing aromatherapy experience.

Mara Evening Primrose + Green Tea Algae Retinol Face Oil, $120

Our skin does most of its restoration when we are most unaware of it—while we are fast asleep. This product is an amazing addition to any nighttime ritual, as it works to soothe the mind while helping the skin repair itself. Neroli oil is traditionally known for its amazing ability to relieve headaches, which is great for clearing the mind before bed. Green tea invigorates the skin, while retinol helps to speed the process of cell renewal, leaving you with brighter, clearer skin overall.

Osmia Night Body Oil, $20

If you typically have trouble sleeping, simply apply a few drops of this lavender-infused oil to the skin before bed. It does a great job of hydrating the skin with jojoba oil while gently lulling you to sleep with notes of roman chamomile and wild atlas cedar oils.

Olverum Bath Oil, $52

It’s safe to assume that we’re all taking a lot of baths now that we’re confined to the indoors. This oil works to penetrate the skin after a long day to relieve any lingering muscle soreness. Eucalyptus works to deliver more oxygen to our systems, while lavender works to calm our minds. Sit back, close your eyes, and tune in to your favorite meditation app, because you deserve it.

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