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9 Valentine’s-Inspired Nail Designs We’re Obsessed With

Glitter, nail art, and heart-shaped sparkles. What more could you need?

If you ever needed an excuse to get to the nail salon and splurge on a mani, Valentine’s Day is definitely the time to do it. V-Day is all about dressing to impress and making yourself feel good, even down to your fingers. Stumped for ideas? Don't worry—there are a million ways to adhere to the theme of love. Get out the glitter! Try out geometric shapes in a red-and-pink color palette! You can even dress up a French manicure with your boo’s name sprinkled on top. From Mazz Hanna to Jenny Bui, these top artists are giving us all the Valentine’s Day nail inspiration we need. Check out our nine favorites below.


Mazz is translating the love vibes quite literally for this mani, and we’re all about it. She’s oh-so-special because she’s a fan of putting a little crystal healing on your hands while doing your nails. We like how this rose quartz looks, but the way it feels is incredibly healing and lovely.

We’re more than obsessed with this look. Tom takes the theme of love and tops it. We’re getting Sailor Moon-on-steroids vibes, and we don’t want anything less than that. There’s nothing short of skill that is required to achieve nail art like this. Kudos, Tom!

Our reaction when seeing this design was pure awe. Paintbucket Nails maven Ellerie proves that simple yet elegant is the way to go this V-Day. The design is hand-painted and so perfectly done, plus it has just the right amount of flirt for your night out with your partner.

This design’s color palette of gorgeous magenta and pink is perfect for the type of person who may have a little more subtle love language. This manicure is perfect for going to a gallery, indulging in a vintage red wine, and discussing Plato over dinner.

Mei’s perfectly shiny red manicure is to die for. Mei never disappoints when we’re in need of some glamour and is constantly innovating her nail design. Chromatic nails are all the rage right now, and these claws are out for lust.

Chelsea King’s ribbon-inspired nails are super chic, and we love the attention to detail, use of colors, and differing textures. These nails are clean and simple, but still fun.

Is it just us, or do these look like tiny little kisses? Miss Pop, who always thinks outside the box, definitely doesn’t disappoint for Valentine’s Day. This sweet and sassy manicure looks so perfect with the jewelry game pictured here.

Betina Goldstein loves to switch things up, and we wouldn’t expect anything less for Valentine’s Day. Shying away from her typical romantic color palette like red and pink, this heart-shaped black manicure is very Queen of Hearts.

Hang does a great job of making this mani very on-theme, but it’s also so classic that you could wear it year-round. The detailed line work could only be done by an expert, and this soft nude shade is so perfectly demure and sweet. We love it.

Top photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@chelseaqueen

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