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The Detox Tea I Can’t Stop Drinking

It’s my secret to good skin and a flu-free winter.

The Detox Tea I Can’t Stop Drinking
At first, the residual vitamin D from summer and the occasional vitamin-heavy smoothie was enough to stave off any looming cold or flu. But by January, the orchestra of sniffles and coughs at every public setting (and at home, too) and my craving to consume anything warm (anyone else find eating salad in winter hard?) are enough to make even my self-described rock-solid immune system feel vulnerable. I never get sick *knock on wood*, but when I do, I rarely ever resort to medication. I’ll muster through it, and I swear I make it through with my body stronger than before—something about building up natural immunities. By now, after a handful of Tylenol PM-free colds, I’ve mastered what I like to think is my own personal remedy—I self-styled it my concoction (but it is essentially a simple and delicious turmeric tea)—which I drink nonstop, especially in the depths of winter.

If you’ve been a longtime reader of Coveteur, you may have read a mention here or there from the team, because I’ve been SHOVING this down my work wives’ sore throats since I started. And I *think* they thank me for it, because it checks off a whole lot of good-for-you boxes (and can be made in even the most minimal of office kitchens). Here’s how I like to make my concoction.

What You Need:

turmeric (to taste)
2-3 slices of lemon
1-inch chunk of ginger root
honey (optional) to taste
cayenne (optional) to taste

How It’s Done:

1. Grab the largest mug or jar you can find (the more tea, the better, IMO), and boil water. Tip: Let the water sit for a few minutes so that it doesn’t scorch the ingredients.

2. To me, turmeric is the J.Lo of spices in that it does it all (and is *so* relevant right now). It’s an antiseptic and antibacterial (key!), and is packed full of other good stuff like fiber, iron, manganese, vitamin B6, and potassium, to name a few. Start off with just a pinch, and work your way up to 1⁄4 of a teaspoon.

3. As for the ginger, I crush it in a garlic press to get the most flavor, but slicing or dicing works too.

4. I like my lemons in threes and with a lot of vitamin C.

5. If you need a bit of sweetness or spice, cayenne and honey are delicious additions.

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