Vogue’s Former Senior Fashion Writer on Getting Over the Work Uniform Rut

Going freelance totally changed Marjon Carlos’ style.

By: Tara Gonzalez
Styling: Tara Gonzalez
Photography: Alec Kugler

When I first met Marjon Carlos, I wasn’t sure if I should tell her I’ve read all of her “9-to-5” style articles on Vogue.com. But halfway through our conversation she mentioned the first time she realized her words could mean something to people on the other side of the screen (that happened after working as one of the founding editors of Solange’s Saint Heron), and I knew I’d have to let her know. Carlos is the reason I’ve found some of my favorite style inspirations (one of them being Erykah Achebe), and they were always people I had never heard of before.

Carlos always looked for the “unassuming subjects” and wrote about their style, opting for the undiscovered instead of the overexposed. It’s how she ended up taking Gucci Mane to his first fashion show. “I really love creating tension in my work, and bringing someone who you wouldn’t normally suspect and bring them to a very classic institution, and then having them talk to one another,” Carlos tells me when I ask what her favorite accomplishment at Vogue.com was. She was formerly their senior fashion writer, and left to pursue a freelance career. It was hard at first, to leave a job so many people dream of, but now she’s hitting her stride, finally finding more time to focus on her writing—and on expanding her wardrobe.

While at Vogue, Carlos would constantly find subjects and tell her co-workers, “We should really pay attention to these people!” And looking back at everything she’s done and will undoubtedly do, I think it’s safe to say: We should really pay attention to Marjon Carlos.

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