lucila sperber

A Glamorous Closet That Proves Buenos Aires Style Can’t Be Ignored

Rochas brand manager & co-founder of upcoming label Acheval Pampa, Lucila Sperber, collects the most luxurious Prada, Gucci, & Valentino you’ve ever seen. Buenos Aires.

By: Noah Lehava
Styling: Noah Lehava
Photography: Alec Kugler

Lucila Sperber is a minimalist, but not in the traditional, monotonal, so-sleek-it-hurts sense. Her pieces are as glittering and as feather-trimmed as they come, in fact. But it’s her diligent, unwavering dedication to her personal style that makes every piece in her wardrobe—and actually, her home too—earn its place in her Buenos Aires space. Sperber, who is brand manager of Rochas Homme (her husband does Rochas) in Latin America, and is co-founder of Àcheval Pampa with Cov-alums Sofia Achaval and Delfina Blaquier, knows exactly what she likes, and she has fun with it.

We took the antique caged elevator (a hallmark of Buenos Aires architecture, and a pretty cool way to ascend and descend, may we add) up to her home, which takes up an entire floor (!) in a neoclassical French-style building. The view was just as impressive as the colorful artwork (and wardrobe, of course) that filled every corner, overlooking the famous av. Libertador, which is lined with blooming jacaranda trees. (Google it now and tell us you couldn’t cry!) Her wardrobe elicits pretty much the same reaction: feathery silk Prada pajamas, celestial Valentino gowns, and crystal-encrusted Rochas heels. Then there are the CHANEL sneakers that were practically made to be perched up on Sperber’s Luis Well’s lucite puzzle sculpture, and the green Acheval Pampa bag and Gianvitto Rossi lace-ups that matched a beaded bench-long crocodile so perfectly, it was as if the vignette made itself.

As we noshed on facturas (sweet croissants) and had a glass of Malbec—you really can’t get more Argentinian than that—we chatted about her new line, which is set to launch during Paris Fashion Week in March, why Argentinian style can’t be emulated, and our shared love of gold everything.

Click through to see more of the glamorous accessories—like Sergio Rossi crystal heels—and Hermès Kellys Sperber calls her own.