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Everything You Need to Know Before Your First Bachelorette

The Founder of Style Me Pretty tells us how to be prepared.

Everything You Need to Know Before Your First Bachelorette
There’s more to weddings than meets the eye. We’re talking: figuring out which wine to serve your guests, prepping with the right workout for your dress, perfecting the sometimes next-to-impossible seating chart, and the bachelorette party. Oh, the bachelorette party. While we’re willing to bet you’ve been to a few parties in your day, there are still a few things one must be prepared for if they are attending (or planning) said bachelorette bacchanal. We reached out to Abby Larson from Style Me Pretty to get you the scoop on what to expect from your first real bachelorette party.


How to Prepare

“You dont! If youre the bride this is the one weekend where you let your friends take the reigns and plan the fun for you. So shelf that type-A personality and let yourself play. If there is one tiny place to get involved, make sure to spell out your wishes (i.e., no naked firemen) before the planning commences.”

Don’t Leave...

“Your camera. Which really means your phone. And a charger. Because lying in a chair with your friends, cocktail in hand, will always be remembered better if you snap a pic. As will you on a mechanical bull.”

What to Pack

“You should probably get a few clues from your friends as to what you should wear. If you have friends like mine, bring the opposite. All kidding aside, just make sure you pack an eclectic wardrobe fit for any activity, and a bottle of Advil.”

The Bachelorette Games

Drinking Groom Trivia: bride has to guess random facts about the groom and if she guesses wrong, she takes a shot. It’s always a winner, as is ‘Truth or Dare.’ The thing with games is [you need to] know your audience. Not everyone loves party games and while they definitely make for great conversation starters, they should be thoughtfully chosen based on the personality of the guest of honor.”

Planning Your First Bachelorette

“Should always start with a conversation between you and the bride-to-be. When all’s said and done, you want her to truly enjoy herself. If she would rather do a cooking class or a weekend at the beach in lieu of bar hopping, you should respect that. From there, get together a group and start planning.”

A Final Piece of Advice

“Expect to have fun. Expect to laugh and drink. Expect a few side eyes from strangers and free cocktails from the fun ones. The best role you can play is to just sit back and let the fun take the lead.”

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