Remember the Time We Went Through Dani Roche’s Closet?

A digital & experiences agency owner on Marketing magazine’s 30 Under 30 who trades bottles of tequila for vintage t-shirts. Toronto.

By: Jodi Taylor
Styling: Jodi Taylor
Photography: Renée Rodenkirchen

Meet Dani Roche. The Torontonian who is walking, talking inspiration of how to nail those outfits that perfectly blend together designer and vintage pieces. We’ve always wondered exactly how she does it, and we got all of our answers the second we set foot in her incredible loft. Roche is owner and director of the digital and experiences agency Kastor & Pollux, and her loft is an extension of both her company’s and her own personal aesthetic, with old props from installations being used as decorations (what else do you stick to a concrete wall?) and furniture and accents that look like they were taken straight off a Pinterest board.

We hit it off with Roche as soon as we stepped into her place, so much so that before we knew it we were sticking vintage tees in the oven and redecorating the place (no but seriously, we found a great new spot for her full-length mirror). While we were busy making ourselves at home (it’s part of our job, really) Roche confessed to us her love for the community trading zone Bunz, the same place where she traded a bottle of tequila for aforementioned vintage tees. Turns out trading isn’t the only hobby Roche excels at, she’s also been making friends on the Internet since she was 12, and that’s exactly how she got to where she is today (more on that later).

When she isn’t treating herself to drool-worthy designer bags and shoes, Roche is holed up in her studio, making magic happen. Magic that 52,000 people devotedly follow. If we said we didn’t want to be just like Roche one day (loft space included), we would be lying.