camila cabello

How to Get Camila Cabello On the Dance Floor

Plus, her secret to good skin.

Darrel Hunter
“I just love L’Oréal and everything that it stands for. I love the diversity in the show and how you know there’s every kind of woman there. It feels very powerful,” Camila Cabello utters gently as she’s careful not to move her lips too much in fear of messing up the liquid liner being applied to her lids. We’re backstage in Paris, where the singer is getting primped and prepped for L’Oréal’s Le Défile runway show during Paris Fashion Week. She spoke to us about the songs that get her on the dance floor, things that make her happy, and her simple secret to good skin.

camila cabello
What do you have on you at all times?

“I have my phone, I have some form of lip gloss, and my wallet.”

What’s the song that always gets you on the dance floor?

“‘Work it’ by Missy Elliot.”

What is the first thing you do every morning?

“First thing I do every morning is brush my teeth and put moisturizer and sunblock on.”

Three things that make you happy?

“Music that I love, Disney movies, and dogs.”

Best piece of beauty advice you ever received?

“I stumbled upon this three-liter water challenge [that claimed] the next day I would look 10 years younger [if I drank that much]. Since I started drinking a lot more water, my skin has gotten so much better.”

Your perfect day off?

“Watching lots of movies, going for walks, and eating ice cream.”

Makeup trend you leave for the pros?

“Eyeliner and eyeshadow.”

The last emoji you used?

“Heart-eye emoji.”

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