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18 Earrings We Need Right Now

Give your ears the love they deserve.

If you only knew the number of hours we spend each week lusting after various bejeweled baubles… The jewelry obsession runs deep at Coveteur, and earrings in particular have a special place in our hearts. Maybe it’s because we have a thing for collecting piercings—the more spaces to put jewels, the merrier, in our opinion. There really couldn’t be an easier accessory; just adorn your ear as you see fit, and forget about it!

In order to get our collections on point for the rest of the fall season, we decided to assemble our 18 favorite earring styles right now. Check them out below.

Hannah Baxter

Senior Beauty Editor

1. Monocraft Chain Earring: I find myself moving farther and farther away from delicate jewelry these days in favor of hardware-inspired pieces. I’ve been a fan of Monocraft for a long time, but this earring in particular has me shook.

2. Azlee Circuit V Hoop & Charm: There’s nothing I adore more than a charm dangling from an alternative hoop. Add in some diamonds, and you’ve got the perfect earring. I’d wear these all day, every day.

3. Wwake Mini Three-Step Point Earrings: I’ve been looking for a longer stud to wear in my upper cartilage piercing, and I think this beauty from Wwake is going to be the winner. Opals are one of my absolute favorite stones, and I love how the curved design will mirror the anatomy of my ear.

Naydeline Mejia

Editorial Fellow

1. Catbird + Net Sustain Big Secret Gold Earring: In my opinion, not enough people have hopped on the Catbird bandwagon. This earring by Net Sustain gives you a linear silhouette that sits nicely on the ear and is a statement all on its own. No supporting actors, please; this is a one-woman show.

2. Isabel Marant Amer Earrings: I have been obsessed with shells as accessories all summer long. As we speak, I still have shell hair rings that I will not be taking off anytime soon. I also snagged some shell hoop earrings from a thrift shop this summer and have been rockin’ them almost every day for the past three months. Isabel Marant’s Amer earrings are a more upgraded version of my everyday staple earrings with their silver-toned shell charms. Shells might be a summer trend, but catch me wearing these for the entirety of fall...and maybe winter.

3. Oscar de la Renta Gold-Tone Pearl Earrings: I am a firm believer that everyone needs a good pair of pearl earrings on rotation. The freshwater pearls on this pair are definitely a statement, but I am not one to shy away from being a little extra (in fact, I happily embrace it). Also, as a Dominican-American, I love to support designers and creatives from the island. What better way to support designers of color than with your coins?

Rachel Pickus

Social Media & Affiliate Coordinator

1. Chabaux Delhi Dancing Earrings: My inner magpie just about died when I discovered these Swarovski earrings. They’re flashy, they’re classy, AND they’ve got the French-girl seal of approval.

2. Scosha Infinity 10k Gold, White Sapphire and Opal Earrings: I find no better way to revel in my birth month than adding to my birthstone collection. These little Opal babies are destined to coexist with my current assortment of ear bling. Let’s consider this an early present from me, to me.

3. Susan Alexandra Pearly Yin Yang Earrings: In true Susan Alexandra fashion, she’s taken the classic pearl earring and infused it with her quirky sensibility. I never thought I needed a pair of yin-yang pearl earrings, but now I’m convinced my life will be lacking without them.

Jodi Taylor


1. Aurate Short Gold Ball Hook Earrings : When I look at these, I imagine all the different ways that they can be mixed, matched, and stacked. They’re bound to go with everything and give off that perfect subtle-and-chic look. Aurate is also one of those brands that gives you the option of buying one single earring or the set. Genius.

2. Bijou de M Cherry Earring: I mean…how damn cute is this earring? I’m all for adding a little pop of color to my ear stack, and what better way to do so than with a blinged-out cherry?

3. Argento Vivo Penelope Tube Hoop: You can never, ever go wrong with a classic tube hoop. These, from Argento Vivo, are the perfect thickness (in my opinion, anyway) and will look super cute next to some gold huggies. Need, need, need.

Jacquelyn Greenfield

Editorial Production Fellow

1. Larkspur & Hawk Small 18-Karat Rose Gold Earrings: I’m a stud-earring kind of girl through and through. These adorable rose gold studs are everything!

2. The M Jewelers Gothic Diamond Initial Earrings: Anyone that knows me knows I love personalized jewelry; there’s just something about seeing my name (in this case, my initial) in diamonds. These will definitely be one of my go-tos.

3. Coveteur X The Last Line Large Diamond Huggie: Over the summer I got my first cartilage piercing, and I’ve been so excited to do a nice ear stack ever since! When it’s finally healed, my first order of business will be to wear this little guy.

Noah Lehava

Director, Lifestyle and Talent

1. Sofia Zakia Baby Heart Earrings: I recently got three new ear piercings (in one shot, may I add) to make room for more studs like this cutie patootie.

2. Gemfields x The Alkemistry 18K Gold, Diamond and Ruby Drop EarringsI’m on a stud kick right now. Probably because of my aforementioned new earlobe real estate, and a dainty ruby has prime locale.

3. Yvonne Leon Flamingo 18K Gold, Diamond and Tsavorite Earring: See! Studs bring joy and can be statements on their own.

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