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6 Beauty Products I Always Keep at My Desk

Beauty essentials: workplace edition.

My desk is a travesty by all normal standards of human behavior. The items scattered across it slowly creep outwards as the month moves on and new products are delivered. To be fair, I am a beauty editor, so there’s only so much I can control about the sheer mass of things I receive each day, but I’m trying my best to prune my selection. Over the years, and throughout multiple office moves, I have learned that there are a handful of items I always keep within arm’s reach, lest I let my skin wither into dust or I forget to remove the layer of grime from my subway commute. Consider it my self-care toolbox, workplace edition. Below, the six beauty products I always have on my desk.

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EiR Fresh EiR Spray, $20

I commute on the subway every morning, and nine times out of ten I have to hold on to a pole during it. That pole is shared by hundreds of thousands of people and their germs, so the absolute first thing I do when I sit down at my desk is sanitize my hands. No time to be sick, am I right?
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