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6 Beauty Products I Always Keep at My Desk

Beauty essentials: workplace edition.

By: Hannah Baxter

My desk is a travesty by all normal standards of human behavior. The items scattered across it slowly creep outwards as the month moves on and new products are delivered. To be fair, I am a beauty editor, so there’s only so much I can control about the sheer mass of things I receive each day, but I’m trying my best to prune my selection. Over the years, and throughout multiple office moves, I have learned that there are a handful of items I always keep within arm’s reach, lest I let my skin wither into dust or I forget to remove the layer of grime from my subway commute. Consider it my self-care toolbox, workplace edition. Below, the six beauty products I always have on my desk.


EiR Fresh EiR Spray, $20

I commute on the subway every morning, and nine times out of ten I have to hold on to a pole during it. That pole is shared by hundreds of thousands of people and their germs, so the absolute first thing I do when I sit down at my desk is sanitize my hands. No time to be sick, am I right?

Bastide Miel de Lavande Hand & Body Lotion, $45

Post-sanitizing, I always coat my hands and arms with this luscious French body cream. It smells heavenly and keeps my skin from feeling dry or stripped. I even have the mini version in my bag for when I’m away from my desk.

Caudalie Beauty Elixir, $49

A good face spray is non-negotiable for anyone who works in an office environment. What with air-conditioning and heat drying out your skin for eight hours straight, you have to take a moment (or five) to rehydrate. This cult-favorite Caudalie mist contains rosemary, mint, and soothing rose essential oil so your skin feels invigorated and calmed. It also smells delish.

Ananda Hemp Full Spectrum 600 CBD Oil Premium Hemp Extract, $90

I work in an extremely fast-paced industry, and I’m not above feeling overwhelmed on any given day. I’ve found that a dropper full of CBD oil around lunchtime calms my nerves and keeps me feeling more even-keeled so I can focus on work without a mini crisis going on in my brain. Alex Capano formulated this one, so you know it’s good!

Simple Biodegradable Face Wipes

As a beauty editor, I’m constantly testing, swatching, and playing with products. Face wipes are a daily essential, but I’m trying to be more eco-conscious these days, which is why I’m so thrilled that brands are manufacturing biodegradable wipes. These new ones from Simple are my current favorites.

Biossance Squalane + Rose Vegan Lip Balm, $18

Show me a woman that doesn’t have at least two lip balms at her desk, I dare you. I might have an entire drawer dedicated to makeup products, but this new balm from Biossance is my current winner. It’s free of petroleum and packed with hyaluronic acid and wakame algae to keep my lips plump and hydrated all day long.

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