How-To Beauty: Where to Apply Your Highlighter

Get your glow on point.

perfect highlighter placement tips
Highlighter is a game changer when it comes to achieving an otherworldly glow. When you want people to see you coming from a block and a half away, a swipe or two of your favorite formula is key. But there is such a thing as going overboard, especially if you’re going to be photographed. No one wants to look as though they’ve just sprinted up three flights of stairs on a humid day. So we thought we’d make it simple and have a pro explain exactly where to place your highlight for maximum impact, without breaking every camera lens in sight in the process. Check out Julianna Grogan’s tips for perfect highlighter placement (plus her absolute favorite for a luminous, sparkly finish) below.

Grogan prefers to use the Milk Holographic Stick in Mars. The golden peachy color is flattering on every skin tone and gives your complexion some warmth to make up for your fading summer glow (tear). The touch of iridescence gives this product more dimension than your average highlighter, and the cream formula helps it melt beautifully into the skin.

perfect highlighter placement tips
1. Warm up the product with your fingertips rather than applying the stick directly to your face. This gives you more control over the placement and helps to create a seamless finish with your skin.

perfect highlighter placement tips
2. Tap a thin line down the bridge of your nose, starting just below the brows. Don’t go down too far—keep the line on the upper section of the nose, and avoid applying on the tip. This will help bring a feminine glow that highlights your bone structure.

perfect highlighter placement tips
3. Use your fingers to apply a strip of highlight underneath your brows along the brow bone. Be sure to gently tap—never pull or rub, especially around the delicate eye area.

perfect highlighter placement tips
4. Use two fingers to apply a C shape of highlighter along the cheekbones. Start past the apple of the cheek, then move around and up towards the temples. The brightness on the top of your cheekbones helps to contrast the darkness beneath them and make your bone structure really pop.

Producer: Monique Kamargo; Model:Brittney Hurley

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