The Colorful New Swimwear Line We Can’t Get Enough Of

We’ll take one of everything from Louisa Ballou, please and thanks.

louisa ballou swimwear
If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll have noticed that Jorja Smith, Bella Hadid, Megan Thee Stallion, Kali Uchis, Kylie Jenner, and Fanny Bourdette-Danon have taken a strong liking to new beach and swimwear brand Louisa Ballou (new as in it just launched this year). The brain behind the brand is Charleston native Louisa Ballou, a graduate of the fashion print program at Central Saint Martins. “[It] shaped the way I approach my work in many ways,” the designer tells us of the program. “It opened up a completely new world for me, from how I see and research, to learning the skills I needed to make my ideas come to life. London has palpable creative energy, and it was a privilege to be around so many talented and creative people.” Ballou also credits past experience working at luxury brand Loewe and surf brand Vissla for her current skills. “The contrasts gave me a very unique perspective, which is relevant to my own brand.”

Louisa Ballou suits are unlike any other. They have cutouts with metal ring detailing, and the prints are so bright and bold that you can’t help but fall in love. “A lot of my prints are informed by my coastal upbringing in Charleston, South Carolina,” she continues. “As a surfer, I was outside a lot and surrounded by all of this natural beauty. Another influence is my mother, who is a gardener and has a keen eye for color. She’s used a lot of bold colors in her house and has all kinds of beautiful tropical plants around, which I use in my prints. These have all formed the foundation of my visual vocabulary, especially in terms of color, which is a key component of my work.” The designer also creates ready-to-wear mesh dresses, skirts, long-sleeves, and shorts, all of which you can swim in or even wear to a dinner or night out. “Its been so fun seeing all kinds of people wearing my brand,” Ballou beams. “People have reached out and told me how much they love the pieces and how good they make them feel, which is really important to me.”

As for what we can expect next? There are forthcoming ready-to-wear pieces and swimwear, all in new prints, and the line will focus more on the use of sustainable materials. All the more reason to shop the line before they sell out.

Photo: Courtesy of Louisa Ballou
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