September 2019 Horoscopes: Gemini

MAY 21 – JUNE 20

September 2019 Horoscopes: Gemini

Back to the future

It’s that time of year where personal history and possible family issues are front and center. You could be feeling a sense of déjà vu, or as if you’ve cycled back around to the same lesson once again. Knowing and owning your own past is powerful and allows you to envision a better future. Themes around your home may be present this month, offering you a chance to sort out your nest. The second half of the month will be much more casual and agreeable, as the planets shift to your kindred air sign, Libra. The September 28th new moon is a fertile time for manifesting your ideal passion and romance. Embrace flirtatiousness, debate, and growing with another person. 

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