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15 Eco-Conscious Pieces for Your End-of-Summer Wardrobe

Move over, Hot Girl Summer—it’s time for Slow Fashion Fall.

By: Haley Walker

From Stine Goya’s AW19 sustainable capsule collection to Net-a-Porter’s Net Sustain launch, luxury designers and retailers are becoming increasingly conscious of their ethical onus and embracing “slow fashion.” It makes sense—slow fashion is all about putting thought and care into high-quality garments that will last, rather than churning out micro-fads week after week. Yes, that sounds like what luxury brands are already doing, but there’s more to be done. Several designers, like Stella McCartney, Ovna Ovich, and Bassike, are taking their commitments  further by ensuring their garment workers are paid fairly, their manufacturing practices are safe, and that their pieces are made of eco-conscious materials. Shop our top ethical picks for this transitional season, and you, too, can have a slow-fashion fall.

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