Getting Ready
6lack 2019 mtv vmas

How 6lack Preps for the MTV VMAs

Getting ready with the artist and Quiñ ahead of this year’s awards show.

By: Jodi Taylor
Photography: Tim Buol

As we sat in an Upper East Side apartment five hours ahead of the MTV VMAs, it was clear that 6lack was going to be turning heads on the red carpet with his girlfriend and fellow musician, Quiñ, on his arm. Sure, the two are wildly talented—6lack is nominated for Best R&B with Normani, for their song “Waves”—but as 6lack gets dressed in a Sankuanz crystal-embellished suit and Celine shoes, and Quiñ dazzles in an Utierre number, Cult of Coquette heels, and iced-out jewelry, there is no doubt they are going to be among the best-dressed this evening. Credit that impeccable sartorial tact to stylist Dianne Garcia and that final touch of black polish via the glam team to tie the entire look together. Can you say couple goals?


His getting-ready vibe:

“Honestly, it’s super chill. I’m not an over-the-top person, so it takes me little to no time to get ready. I usually wait until about 30 minutes before I have to leave, unless it’s an award show [laughs].”

The one song he always listens to while getting ready for a big night:

“Anything by Young Thug. Right now, we’re listening to ‘So Much Fun.’”

Drink of choice at an awards show:

“My answer isn’t gonna wow you, but water [laughs]. I love whiskey; I also love a Moscow mule, and I love red wine. But I’m choosing water over everything right now, since I’ve been trying to treat my body a little better.”

Pre-red-carpet ritual:

“I pray before I do anything, so that remains a constant.”

His stylist for the night:

“I worked with the amazing Dianne Garcia for [tonight], and she’s helped me for a few other events in the past. She’s the kind of stylist that understands her client and moves based off of that knowledge.”

The outfit:

“Sankuanz—a super-comfy suit with gems to add a little sparkle.”

The accessories:

“My normal Rolex, a couple of rings [by] different designers, and a hat that makes me look like somebody’s uncle.”

One thing he always travels with:

“Shea butter body butter, since I don’t like regular lotion on my skin anymore.”

The first thing he does when he lands in New York:

“First thing I do when I get to NY is hit my favorite Mediterranean spot, La Goulette in Williamsburg. [It’s the] best food in NY.”

The last thing he does before stepping out of the car:

“A good lint brush run-through.”

Who he is most looking forward to running into:

“My seat [laughs]. Nah, it’s always good to see the homies. I’m not sure who’s in town, but I just wanna see my family.”

Who he is most looking forward to seeing perform:

“Normani, for sure.”

How “Waves” came to be:

“Normani sent it to me, and it was already a perfect song, so I just added what I could. We’re friends, so it really doesn’t feel like working at all.”

After-party plans:

“I’ll have to check my temperature after the show [laughs].”

What we can expect to see from him this year:

“I’ve taken up piano and guitar lessons, and I’m studying music theory. [I’m] just making myself a better artist all around while working on my next album.”