Good American’s Co-Founder Has a Closet Bursting with Denim, Shoes, & Gowns

Emma Grede has one of the most jaw-dropping denim collections we’ve ever seen. Los Angeles.

By: Jodi Taylor
Styling: Jodi Taylor
Photography: Tristan Kallas

They say you should never meet your idols, for the reason that they may let you down. We’re thinking it’s time to kick that saying to the curb because every idol we’ve ever met has turned out to be just as down-to-earth, kind, and inspiring as we could have ever hoped. Take Emma Grede for example, the badass founder and chairman of ITB Worldwide and co-founder (with Khloé Kardashian) of Good American who also sits as a board member for both Women for Women International and Baby2Baby. We’ve always admired her work, the amazing branded partnerships she’s created with ITB, and the next-level amazing-fitting jeans from Good American, and when we briefly met her back in 2016, she just seemed like the sweetest everso sweet we wanted to spend more time with her. So we did, at her new spot in Beverly Hills.

One step into Grede's home and closet and we were in heaven. Her closet was full of the dreamiest goods. The goods being CHANEL, Celine, and Fendi bags, rows and rows of Frame and Good American denim, Oscar de la Renta gowns, and Isabel Marant. Oh, but let’s not forget the floor-to-ceiling wall of some of the most beautiful heels we’ve ever seen, situated next to the rows of sneakers, as Grede is self-proclaimed sneaker-obsessed (our kind of gal). Grede led us around her home with the biggest smile on her face, telling us stories, making us feel right at home.

As we balanced Louboutin heels and Cartier watches around Grede’s breathtaking home, the admirable girl boss posed in her backyard with a silk pajama set on, sipping on some tea (chic, we know). Before we waved goodbye, Grede shared some incredible stories with us about her work with ITB (hint: they involved Natalie Portman), the beginning of Good American, and her very first-ever fashion purchase. You may want to grab some tea for this one… It’s good. Also, shop her closet here.


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