Behold: Solange Franklin’s Vintage-Meets-Luxury Closet

The stylist has taste for days. New York.

By: Emily Ramshaw
Styling: Emily Ramshaw
Photography: Alec Kugler

We’ve been known to get, well, comfortable at the homes of many of our subjectscue shoots that involve our hosts making us morning avocado toast, or feeding us tequila shots, or blasting Lil Wayne as they show us their diamonds. And while we’ll admit that, collectively, we’re the types who can get pretty at ease no matter the situation, it’s our subjects who really make that magic happen, as with Solange Franklin, who made us comfortable enough to hang out an hour past our wrap, drinking chai tea and chatting about everything from the thrill of vintage shopping to the need for more diverse representation in fashion.

While we didn’t expect to be spending a good chunk of our day at Franklin’s Brooklyn apartment, we knew that she would have some pretty good stories to tell before we ever buzzed up. See, the stylist was Giovanna Battaglia-Engelbert’s right-hand woman for more than four years—and, as her first assistant, had a big hand in some of the most major fashion moments. Now she’s a freelance stylist in her own right, styling covers and editorials for Marie Claire, international editions of Vogue and Elle, and more. All in all, as we discovered over that tea, Franklin knows a thing or two about running things and has some no-bullshit advice for any aspiring stylists (you gotta put in the werk; also, save your money).

Of course, the woman has the kind of wardrobe that only someone who really knows clothes could. In other words, she has no fear when it comes to mixing extraordinary vintage—like a printed cotton suit that she bought in Alabama for her honeymoon in Vietnam—with some fashion-with-a-capital-F pieces, like a Prada skirt printed with lips and a laser-cut Junya Watanabe jacket. We knew there was a reason we felt so at home with her.