Belly Has a Closet Full of Gucci & a Man-Made Beach

He has one closet for designer pieces, another for sneakers and sportswear, and describes his personal style as “silky.” Los Angeles.

By: Jodi Taylor
Styling: Jodi Taylor

When you’ve been a constant in the music industry for years, are signed to Roc Nation, consider XO family, have won the first-ever SOCAN Songwriter of the Year award, and have writing credits on Beyoncé’s Lemonade, you’ve pretty much made it. Canadian artist Belly’s CV reads that and more. So do the walls of his L.A. home office. But before we get too ahead of ourselves, let us paint you a picture of our day with Belly.

Driving up past a gargantuan circular fountain punctuating the front of his regal estate, we walked through the front door into a room which housed two arcade games (Rambo and Terminator 2, in case you were wondering), a family-size couch littered with Harry Potter pillows and strewn with video game consoles, and walls and walls of plaques—a visual timeline of his accolades. Belly greeted us with a blunt in hand in his art-filled (as in a painting of statues in NSFW positions and Batman portraits made out of resin) living room. Our eyes then drifted to the backyard. You know, the one with a pool that had a bridge over it (where we of course later hung Belly’s plush Versace robes), fountains, a small man-made beach (!!), and a basketball court.

After finishing the grand tour (emphasis on grand), we found ourselves in the closets. One strictly dedicated to streetwear and sneakers, while the other for his luxury pieces—everything from custom silk robes to Gucci, Balenciaga, and Saint Laurent sneakers and boots, sequin jackets (yes, multiples), and velour Versace tracksuits. Just as we finished hanging Louis Vuitton silk shirts, we found ourselves in Belly’s cozy home office, where we sat down with him and his friend-slash-designer, Fresh, who, two hours earlier, was making Belly a new custom silk robe right at the dining room table. We chatted with them for over an hour about, well, everything.

Click through the below gallery to find out which one of his songs is his favorite, what Nashville has to do with “Glorious,” and get the 411 on his custom clothing.