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How to Survive a Hangover at Work

You called for help?

How to Survive a Hangover at Work
It’s a tale as old as time: “I’ll just have one drink” turns to tequila shots, a hoola hoop contest that you can’t remember willingly entering, and questionable slice(s) of pizza from the only joint open at 3am on a Tuesday night. At the time, the latter seemed like a logical choice; it’ll suck up all the booze, right?

Four hours later, your usual soft crescendo alarm sounds more like a fire truck at the foot of your bed, and the light of your iPhone screen is searingly blinding. You’re hungover, and you have to go to work. Great. Which is why we’ve put together a survival kit of sorts to help you get through a day hungover at the office.


Before You Go In

Set your alarm for 30 min ahead of your usual

Okay, so this might sound counterintuitive, but waking up with more than 15 min to get ready and out the door is the only way you’re going to survive today. Start it off at an easy pace, and give yourself time to drink all the water you can.

Take a long, hot shower

Steam is key. Draw near-scalding water to create a pseudo sauna in your shower to sweat out all the toxins you took in the night before. You’ll feel more refreshed and put together, too.

Drink your vitamins

Don’t know about you, but the idea of eating a salad when hungover is right up there with doing your expenses. No thanks. Instead, try getting your fill with a smoothie packed with vegetables and fruit (avoid dairy, because, well, just think about it). Refueling with the good stuff that’s full of vitamins will give you more energy and get your body back into its human state.

At the Office


Coffee, tea, water, all of the above. Triple fist.

Give yourself some space

Find a cubicle, boardroom, or take an extra long lunch to be alone for a little bit. Some time away from your high-energy workplace is just what you need to get your shit together and back into the zone.

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