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The Top Summer Hair Trends for Every Texture

Stylist Erickson Arrunategui shares which cuts are popular this season.

We cannot, will not, stop celebrating summer’s arrival, especially when it comes to our beauty routines. Tis the season of glowy skin, sparkly nail art, and lots and lots of sunscreen. But what about your hair? Although we’re always fans of a New Years makeover, we think the summer in particular is an ideal time to experiment with your style, especially length. More than a few Coveteur staffers have chopped off several inches of hair this time of year, and they will attest that it is refreshing. There’s no better feeling than freeing your neck from a sweaty, matted mess of hair.

So what are the top haircut trends for summer? To get the intel, we consulted industry favorite stylist Erickson Arrunategui, a stylist at Bumble and bumble in New York. Below, his predictions for the cuts every girl will be getting this year.

For people with straight hair, what haircut has been the most popular?

The reign of the bob continues! “I think shorter is here to stay. I had five clients chop and donate all their hair last week and trade it in for a brand-new textured bob.”Arrunategui says his clients are asking for “the long bob with subtle layers in the crown for lift and movement.” Anyone can wear this style, but if you have hair that falls naturally straight, it can be a quick way to add some drama to your look. If it feels a little too prim and proper, trying styling with a salt spray. A few spritzes on dry hair can add some grit.

What cuts are trending for girls with 4c and tighter curls?

If you’re not gravitating towards a protective style this summer, then consider a shaggy or layered cut for added dimension. Arrunategui is also seeing clients with this texture request curly bangs, which, truth be told, is our favorite ’70s-inspired cut as of late. The layers will help relieve some of the weight and help your curls maintain their shape.

And for those with a softer curl or waves?

“The French-girl bob,” says Arrunategui. “Short and cropped with an effortless bang.” If you’re worried about having bangs in the summer (sweaty foreheads can be hazardous), invest in a quality dry shampoo, and try washing them in the sink in between full shampoos. It will bring your fringe back to life after a day running around the city in the heat.

What is your favorite cut to do when it’s hot out?

“I love a razor bob. It’s so satisfying to create this undone texture while still having a structured shape. And it’s such a versatile cut to style and looks good on almost everyone.” If you’re looking for a little help styling your new bob (especially if you have texture), be sure to read this for some pointers.

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