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12 Gifts We’re Buying for Father’s Day

Give the father figure in your life something extra special.

By: Hannah Baxter

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and we’re in serious shopping mode to find the men in our lives something extra special. Whether it’s your dad, step-dad, uncle, or other significant fatherly presence, there’s nothing like treating them to something they’d never buy for themselves. Maybe they’re a foodie or the outdoorsy type, or perhaps you inherited their passion for fashion. Whatever your dad’s vibe is, we’ve scoured the internet for 12 gifts that’ll show just how much you care. Here’s what made the cut. 


Hannah Baxter: I have such fond scent memories associated with anything minty, almost shaving-cream-esque. It reminds me of sitting on my dad’s bathroom vanity, watching him shave and gargle mouthwash before he went to work. This new fragrance from Diptyque captures the essence of those and refines them into a subtly spicy, aromatic blend. And since my dad has always been appreciative of fashion, I feel like he would enjoy a sophisticated new scent to add to his retirement morning routine.

Jodi Taylor: My dad is a man of the woods (my parents have always lived essentially in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by trees and water), which means he has worn a lot of Carhartt in his day. I showed him these sneakers when I got them, and he absolutely loved them. They sold out too quickly for me to cop him a pair at retail, so this Father’s Day I’ll be purchasing my gift from StockX.

Monique Kamargo: Because my dad’s wardrobe consists of Lululemon almost exclusively, this gift was kind of a no-brainer. I’m especially fond of this polo because it’s made with lightweight, stretchy fabric that’s perfect for him to wear throughout the day no matter what he has planned.

Noah Lehava: I’m taking the opposite approach to Monique: I’m getting my dad something he would never have the guts to pick for himself. But I’m determined to get him out of his logo t-shirts and dark denim and into something with a little bit of a sartorial edge. I know these are technically pj’s, but I could totally see him wearing this while barbecuing with friends.

Rachel Pickus: It’s no lie; I miss my dad’s home-cooked meals almost every day (especially when defrosting my Trader Joe’s frozen meal for dinner). From pork tostadas to deep-dish pizza, he’s truly earned the top chef award in the family (sorry, Mom!). This year I’m gifting him Carla Lalli Music’s newest cookbook with the hopes of digging into one of her drool-worthy galettes the next time I’m home.

Kelsey Grad: It is so hard to shop for my father, as his wish list typically contains socks or books—or both. Given that he has received many socks and books over the years, I thought I would get him something personal and practical that he can wear on my wedding day. These needlepoint cuff links will jazz up his outfit and will have a memory attached to them, which I love (and hopefully he will too).

Alex Bair: When shopping for my dad, I know I can never go wrong with a new Apple product. His passion in keeping up to date with the very latest technologies is unparalleled (in my opinion), so it’s truly a no-fail way to go. My dad’s love for music runs deep, so naturally, I figured this Father’s Day I would join forces with my brother to surprise him with Apple’s new HomePod!

Leah Faye Cooper: My dad was a sneakerhead before being a sneakerhead was a thing, and he has been partial to 97s since… ’97. He already has them in several colorways, but he’s yet to customize a pair. I’ll take care of that—he definitely needs some emblazoned with Samuel Cooper III.

Ivanna Martinez: My dad is a FAN of the Tevas. He’s been wearing them since “before they were cool...” (He specifically asked me to quote him on that.) From our fun excursions in Holbox growing up, to his fun solo adventure trips in the middle of the Mexican desert, he wears these babies like second skin. I find it funny because I’d always tease him about them, but *spoiler alert* I’m getting us matching pairs for Father’s Day! Look who’s giggling now.

Jordan Guskind: I miss my dad every day, but especially on Father’s Day. As a number one Rolling Stones and Mick Jagger fan, he would have proudly displayed this in his office.

Alec Kugler: I’m going to buy Papa Dukes some body wash from Counterman. Is that weird? Not to me. In fact, if you’re at home reading this, call your father and tell him to throw out that Irish Spring bar soap. You know the one: slime green with all the hairs stuck to it because it also doubles as a shampoo. Men should have a skin-care routine, and Counterman makes it easy with detoxifying and hydrating products that do not contain questionable ingredients. Also, I won’t have to bring my own body wash when I visit him, so it’s a win-win. Love you, Pops.

Leya Kaufman: My ever-supportive step-dad wears a watch that I bought him with my first paycheck. It was an arguably timeless $250 investment, but it’s been over eight years since, and he hasn’t lived a day without showing it off. So after countless moments on his wrist, some scratches, and a few battery changes, it’s time for an upgrade. But my mom said he’d rather look down and remember the same exact one.

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