Your May 2019 Horoscopes Are Here!

Indulge and enjoy life this month.

may 2019 horoscopes
Now is the time to come out and savor a burst of warm cosmic vitality! May marks the “unofficial” start to summer. The new moon in decadent Taurus will join with the Sun on May 4th, marking an ideal day to set positive intentions for the new season ahead. Communication-driven Mercury and decadent Venus will also enter Taurus during the month, encouraging us to indulge, enjoy life, and socialize. Don’t get too carried away, though! Mars’ move into the homebody sign of Cancer on May 16th followed by the full moon in Scorpio on May 18th will require some introspection. The universe is encouraging us to savor the beautiful weather while remembering that self-care is also vital to the soul.


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